Love SJP...

posted on: Monday, 8 March 2010

There's alot of Oscar dress commentary around this morning and so there should be - we were not disappointed! I find Oscar night perfection intriguing - how do they manage it? I know there is a build-up of diet and skincare, one imagines GALLONS of water drunk. Not to mention designer-dress-testing, jewellery-matching, bag-choosing, shoe-checking, makeup and get to this moment of beautiful red carpet finery that we all so enjoy.

For me Sarah Jessica Parker's look was a favourite, wonderfully showcased here in detail by the BBC - God bless the BBC. I do love her style...the colour (palest yellow on one of the first days in Spring), the detailing (silver touches, perfect with diamonds), the hair (really not that many women can carry off that completely scraped back look), the bracelets (a stack of yummy diamonds all different; not too matchy).

Love SJP. We all secretly want to be her 'Carrie' character - what's not to want? She married Big, she has a set of great girlfriends with whom she endlessly lunches, gets to wear fabulous clothes, she writes for Vogue, lives in a NY Brownstone...I could go on...

But in real life...I loved her Oscar night choice.
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