posted on: Thursday, 2 February 2017

There's a delinquency in me; I can't blog as often as many. I ponder this as I drive my kids to school every morning and think: I will write a blog today. And then the day takes hold and I do all sorts of other writing - college, admin, endless Whatsapp to my buddies, writing in my head when I walk the dog and then I find that none of these are blog-related. Sigh.

These are testing times, winter is getting me down and there's so much on. I lament the decisions we've made about sending our children to challenging schools that challenge them (and me) and wonder if I should opt out and move everyone to the Outer Hebrides to live on samphire. I love the word samphire. If I ever see it on a menu I order it. Likewise with creamed spinach (Popeye-style).

The world seems to have gone mad and I have to steel myself to read the news. There's nowhere to take comfort, even the protesting that is going on, the amazing solidarity that has emerged between like-minded groups, even that has a desperation to it that I find hard to absorb. It feels like a time of huge uncertainty, unprecedented almost. Then I think how silly that sounds, think of the people who lived through World Wars. I am sure it's not unprecedented at all, I suspect I was just not part of the group who previously didn't like the status quo.

I was ill for a few weeks in January and it's taken a long time to get back into things. I went for a run today for the first time since before Christmas and that felt good, although it won't tomorrow. My muscles are already in revolt. Residual fitness is low.

I've discovered yoghurt that is made from coconut. This I like.

I bought a new hat.

I have an unhealthy interest in the clothes and hair of Anine Bing. (See above)

I long for palm trees. It's drab here.

But...the future beckons and from a work perspective it looks good. I'm getting my head around what I have to do to finish my degree this summer and the book is coming along, editing, editing, morphing it into something that will be publishable. It's slow-going and I am conscious that if I talk about it too much here then readers might be thinking: come on, you've been talking about this book for years. If you're interested in my writing process then there is an instagram account that you might like. Come have a look...

I got overzealous on the JCrew website and now I am shamefacedly waiting for the delivery man with a box.

Days turn to night and we snuggle up, waiting until Spring comes. Hurry up please.


  1. We are ALL dying for Spring to get here. And for the world to quit being as nutty as it's being.

  2. I cannot wait for your book! I did not know that you were on instagram I am off to follow along wit you. Good luck with your writing and work.

  3. A lovely pot-pourri of Lou life !!! Some the same for most of us I guess { apart from, for me, the writing of a book, doing a degree, exercise, children at school !!! ..... just a love of samphire then !!! haha }
    You live a full life Lou ... we just have to embrace the few bits that are a little challenging !!
    Lovely to see you here .... I get so upset when I think of all the lovely blogging friend's that don't blog anymore.
    Have a great weekend Lou. XXXX