The un-shop...

posted on: Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I set myself another no-shop challenge, but this time I want to really stick to it. I am about a month in now and I can see that this could gather pace. My shopping habits are governed by this process:

I see something on Pinterest or on someone's blog or even some stranger I spot in the street and I start thinking 'that item of clothing could have a place in my life!'. This is tempered with seeing a thousand other images that I will mentally discard with the opposite: 'this has no place in my life.'
I then start the Internet search; going to the brands I like, seeing what's out there.
I generally then recoil at the cost of things and start the Internet search part 2, which consists of trawling the high street stores - like Zara - for a normally priced version.
I abandon many possibilities because the buttons look cheap or the fabric is 100% synthetic or I just think 'no, it's not a good deal after all.'
I go through the thought process of finding the one I like.
Or I don't find it which is wildly frustrating.
I may order.
I then wait for the postman; he comes and there is held breath (mine) whilst I unpack, decide in the first few seconds: yes or no.
You may wonder: why doesn't she just go to a real shop? This involves waiting and having time and being in a place where real shops stock the right stuff in the right sizes. More or less never.
My experience with designer clothes shopping - I can almost never tolerate the price tag, even in the sales. Rarely I covet, save up and buy something, I can't attest to it being a wild success. Except possibly with the big ticket item like the coat or boots.

And so it goes round again.

I go through stages - mainly in winter - when I am just so bored with jeans and jumpers that I LONG, YEARN, PANDER AFTER something new. Something else. But in reality from October to May I wear a 'muggles uniform' and I don't really deviate. I am trying to accept this. If I do buy anything, it tends to just be more of the same which in itself becomes rather pointless. Especially when I spend my time walking the dog and sitting at my laptop trying to write the book. 1000 words a day. 1000 words a day. Repeat after me.

I hate with a passion buying something that is not right. It languishes in my wardrobe and I feel bad when I look at it and it sends bad vibes back at me. If clothes could talk. I love when I get it right and I have a hard-working, good quality, stylish item in my wardrobe that gets an outing most days and always looks good.

What I really want is to live in a place where the weather doesn't render most outfits ridiculous - no bare ankles for six months of the year - and I want to resemble Isabel Marant in her insouciant coolness. Or to wear a skirt! A skirt! How revolutionary.

So this is new experiment - the anti-shop - let's see how that goes. I am making do. And trying to avoid being swayed by things I see. I'll report back.

Meanwhile, it's dreary February but the fantastic news is that it was not dark at 5.30pm last night, this is big progress. And I walked on the beach today and the sun came out for a few minutes and it was glorious. One day...spring will return!


  1. Ha!!! I hear you Lou. I go through the same process when it comes to shopping. Like you say "A skirt. How revolutionary". God knows when was the last time I wore one also.
    Keep up the challenge.