On my mind...

posted on: Monday, 28 December 2015

Wondering at the lunacy of having it delivered, wrapping it all up, watching it be unwrapped (fun!) and then throwing all the wrapping away. Carbon footprint anyone?

Trying to keep the new white space tidy. Happy that the truth reminds: the larger the space, the easier it is to absorb mess.

Christmas presents that I would never have bought myself...lovely.

The inclusion of an Xbox in my son's life - the jury is out so far.

Coming home with more laundry from a holiday that I can ever recall; we stayed in a hotel with no washing facilities. Mental note: self catering works better for us.

Sparring with my husband about where the hang paintings (and ugly large TVs screens). I won this one; paintings will prevail.

Trying to repatriate all the stuff that was displaced in the house build. This includes spices from our kitchen that dated from 2003. Oops. Let's hear it for much-underused Chinese five spice.

My daughter's hair being suddenly, overnight, waist-length. How did that happen when my hair seems to have reached its growth pinnacle no matter what I do?

Winter tanned skin.

My son's jet-lag. Can't get to sleep till 11pm - makes for a long ole day.

Shellaced fingernails that need re-doing; when do the salons open again?

Sunrise with a cuppa tea, looking out of my new glass wall.

All things Danish. If in doubt about design: turn to the Danes.

New Years Eve plans with old, old friends.

Thanking our lucky stars that we went to Florida. Palm trees are all to me.

Planning to one day have a house in the sun, Stateside. Pondering how to secure a visa?? Googling 'snowbirds'...

Smiling as my daughter chats on face time to her new American friend. Just so happens he's a 15 year old American football quarterback that she met on our last day. Oh, the irony.

Lego. And more lego.

Underfloor heating and all the joy that it brings when it's a chilly morning and you are barefoot.

My next college submission due on the 6th January - have not yet written a word!! Ohhh noooo. Christmas got in the way. Need to knuckle down.

My sister in law and family home from Dubai - one set down, one to go. One day we will all be back in the UK and together again.

The prospect of 2016...feeling positive. No more big building (lots of little bits to finish), a book to write, new places to go - thinking of Nantucket next summer - any recommendations?!

Grateful and full-hearted.


  1. What a wonderful Christmas you have had with your family Lou and your new kitchen/family room looks brilliant. I'm more than a little envious..... makes mine look a bit shabby !!!!!! You must LOVE it. It's very me.
    .... and, you're so right ..... when in doubt, turn to the Danes !
    ..... and, we are inundated with grandson's Lego { thank goodness our grandaughter isn't into it ..... yet !! }
    Wishing you and yours an amazing 2016 ..... hope it's everything that you want it to be. XXXX

  2. Thanks guys share your post. It is a nice post.

  3. Catching up after too long. I sometimes read on my phone when I'm out and about and waiting somewhere, but it doesn't easily allow commenting. I love getting into the mind of Lou. :-)
    I'm happy you had a nice trip to Florida and a happy Christmas and New Year's. 2016! It kind of weirds me out to say that out loud. Am I really that old? Legos...always. And Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard. It does seem ridiculous that I've never been to either when they are so close! We will be on Cape Cod in July - only a ferry ride away. I think we may need to make it happen this year. Good luck as you plan your coming year!