Yes, no, yes...

posted on: Saturday, 2 May 2015

These things interest me: time and influence and thoughts. I have a lot of time, people influence me enormously and I think all the time. Like, all the time. Exhausting? Yes. Interesting? Yes.

I have spent the week doing all sorts of nothing much; yoga, bike rides, dog walks, coffee mornings, school mum lunches, clean, cook, clean. Arranging and sorting and day dreaming. I long for holidays, especially exotic ones (I am back into Florida now having watched (obsessed over) the Netflix show Bloodline. OMG so gripping!). But actually when it comes down to it, it's the day-to-day at home ordinary that works best for me. I am just made that way.

I think a lot of what my book will be about. The certainty with which I can state that is lovely; a certainty bolstered by the fact that come September, I am going to do a Masters degree in writing that will necessitate me to write a book. I love this. No more procrastination, which is my best ever skill. There is now an actuality to it. Unless I fail. Of course I can't entertain that thought; I won't. The thing I like the most right now is the transition from corporate employee to housewife to writer. It's a journey. A fresh story to emerge daily in my mind. There are so many things I want to write about, I can barely hold them in, let alone formulate a cohesive plot.

And I think to myself, what happened to going out dancing for the night? I miss dancing.

And during the in-between I am doing some consulting work in my old profession. It takes a bit to muster up the enthusiasm. Although when I really stop and think about it, I do miss the cut and thrust of the corporate world. That feeling of walking into a meeting, knowing my stuff, imparting wisdom and then leaving, feeling like I did a good job.

Meanwhile I decide I won't buy stuff (clothes). Then I buy stuff (clothes). Then I feel bad about it. Yet the pattern remains. Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy, right?!

I am trying to galvanise myself for the next phase of building work on our house. We presently live in a no-man's land of the half-done. The view from my window of semi-built foundations and gravel. No neat landscaped gardens here. One day it will all be done ;-)

We have entered the summer term and so it's my son's cricket season. This means hours spent watching this curious game, so quintessentially British; picnics and cricket whites and pausing for tea and sandwiches that have been cut into triangles.

Time marches on, Boo is 14 in a week. I took her today to have her ears pierced (again) and observed the self-assured girl in front of me, compared to that last time, when she was 12 and she was petrified. Time marches on in the world of a teenager and she grows up so fast, it takes my breath away. But she is a good girl and life is good right now. Please let it last!!

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  1. As I read this I sense a rhythm to your days. I imagine this will take on extra meaning when you start your writing course, what a world that will open for you and hopefully us when we read "that book". I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday x

  2. So looking forward to reading about your 'next step' in becoming a student again and the book wiriting - hopefully you'll have time to blog too!

    Thanks for the tip about 'Bloodline' - it has been popping up on my Netflix but I hadn't looked into it. As I've binge watched Parenthood 1-5 seasons I'm looking for a new family drama to get sucked into! Anything in Florida is good with me too.

    We are in the season of Track & Field here - training and watching my son who is taking part for the first time. I'm losing my voice from all the cheering on the sidelines as he qualifies for more and more events for the finals. Some of these 'almost teen' athletes are quite amazing. Enjoy the cricket and afternoon tea - its Grande Lattes and morning croissants for us instead!

    Happy Sunny Weekend.

  3. I love this - You sound contented, and the confidence in which you talk about your book is spectacular, but you also sound happy with the little things at the moment as well. Life is made up of those "little things".

    I had not really heard anything about Bloodline, but I'm on board with anything starring Kyle Chandler. I will definitely check it out!