posted on: Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Living in a vacuum, my Mum mentions the blue shoes to me, in passing. I bristle; found-out, my shopping habits exposed. I confess my purchase via text to my friend Emma; she knows already, she read it on the blog! Ugh. In the words of 'Anne of Green Gables': 'My life is an open book, I see!'. Curious that this would come as a surprise to me, given that I spill it on the internet on a weekly basis.

Note to self - must develop more self awareness.

Whilst in the hairdressers today, covering the grey and dealing with the fact that my brunette hair has gone 'khaki' (to the layman this means 'green' but to the hairdresser there are shades of khaki making it 'somewhat less green'...) I decided that there's a lot to be said for self awareness.

I have this thing at the moment about art. I have been hanging pictures in the newly renovated space in our house and realise that we have three variations. Firstly the family photo; vital as a testament to our very happy life and beautiful children but it did strike me that we have featured so many family pictures it appears self indulgent. Note that this is different to self awareness ;-) Secondly we have Cornwall-inspired boat pictures. We visited an art gallery in Cornwall once and bought a number of boat/beach oil paintings which I love, but which are, let's say slightly middle-aged in style. Not edgy. Then thirdly there is Jessica Cooper. We love this artist. I have a little friendship with this artist, established when she found her work so often featured in my blog posts. We have many of her paintings and love them all. I would buy more in a heartbeat, partly because I adore them and partly because she is a subtle artistic force that I want to hand down to the next generation in my family.

My Danish grandparents spent all their money on art and my overriding recollection of going to their house in Denmark was that the walls were covered in art. Every piece had meaning and every piece has now been passed down amongst the children and grandchildren. This I love. Of all the things we spend money on, art has got to give the most.

So I have my eye on an up and coming artist. One, so fresh and new (aged twenty-something and it shows; in a good way) that his work is simultaneously unsettling and comforting. This I also love.

Boo was off school today in a rare teenage sick day. I left her at home to watch 'Dirty Dancing', vicariously reliving my youth. Nobody puts baby in the corner. She wants to go back to school tomorrow because there is a hockey match she wants to play in. Bless her.

It's Tuesday. Happy day.

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