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posted on: Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Back into the same old, same old. My son has been at rugby camp a few days this week which has meant early (ish) starts and packed lunch assembly at 8am. Compared to the school term this is a lie-in but still, after the week of jet lag hell it has taken some doing. Our garden, which is scarred from the building work and not a shadow of its former self, is littered with paddling pools and a tent and a slip-n-slide (the inventor of which is a genius; rubber and a hose pipe - much fun). Summer holidays are in full swing and the days seem to be spent organising their life and not mine.

The building work is ongoing; I can't say it has been a pleasure as frankly I am so sick of it I can hardly write a word about it. There is progress and the oil leak is now in our past, BUT what remains is a half-done house and lots of dust. My husband says he can see it coming on - all I can see is a pile of rubble where we used to have rooms. I know it's all a process and I must man up but honestly, there is nothing like long term building work to chip away at your good mood. Where are my white washed walls??!!

I got pretty close to mass Westernised humanity in America; in Disney there were so many people of all shapes and sizes it really was something to behold. However, one thing I did notice? The tattoos. I feel like tattoos have become a MAJOR statement in recent years. Historically, I can hardly recall noticing them but now; it's like every (other) person has one (or ten). I am undecided about whether this is a good thing.

Thanks to Pinterest I like images of very small, very discrete tattoos and frankly, they seem to shamelessly work best on very attractive people. But there is such a fine line between one and too many. Between small and cool and large and ugly. Being quirky and original to being mainstream and copycat. I like all of the stories that come with them and have wasted hours looking at 'The Tattoologist' which often features cool, really meaningful tattoos. It's compulsive reading. But you do also see some tattoos that are just horrendous - a bruise-like stain on someones skin. I see so many young people with vast tattoos in very prominent places covering a thigh or a forearm.

My thoughts on this point; even if you get a tattoo for the right reasons and are entirely comfortable with your choice, there will still be places you will go and people you will meet whom you wish you could hide it from. This is a fact. And as for tattoos in old age - again I am undecided. I love that there are some mature celebrities who sport tattoos (Susan Sarandon, Helen Mirren) and there are some who will continue to carry off discrete tattoos even when they are much older. What I can't imagine though, is the 'beige' generation I have written about before (and who I fear becoming) looking good with a tattoo. Is there something sad about the way the lines blur on old skin? But then maybe that is what one should embrace? A bit like a well-worn wedding ring - an aged tattoo can tell of a life lived.

I also sense that tattoos are derisive things. Some good friends absolutely loathe them and others love them. Thoughts?

Otherwise life is good. Working stuff out. Thinking about the world of employment and whether I should be in it. Thinking about how much holidays mean to us and how we work for holidays in a way that can be somewhat unhealthy. Is everyone the same? We live for the escape. Thinking about how I look much better with a tan - such a shame and I shall wrinkle when I am old (is that now?!) but honestly there is something lovely about being sun kissed. Especially Florida sun kissed. Getting back in to the groove...


  1. Ohhh - you've given me a lot to comment on, so I apologize in advance for the extra long comment.

    Yes, tattoos are VERY prevalent over here. And, like you, I believe there is a fine line between one and too many. I, myself, will probably never sport one. But I have a friend who has too many to count - all very visible. And though she is one of the sweetest, kindest persons I know - I have to wonder...WHY? And, I'm sure, she is perceived to be a certain type of person - which she isn't - by others based on the amount of very visible and very large tattoos.

    My son has expressed a desire for a tattoo. And although he will be twenty later this year, I have forbidden it...Okay, the truth be told, I have informed him that if he does it he will have to pay for the remainder of his college years on his own. Yes, it's bribery. But the way I look at it is this - IF you are going to get one, at least wait until you are old enough to have some common sense about it. He is looking to go into the field of education....and how many schools are going to want to hire a young man with a tattoo on his neck? Not that is where my son wants his - but still; you have to be practical. And, as we all know, young men take a while to mature. According to science, their brains don't fully develop until 25.

    As to the construction currently happening in your house - I may just have to print this out to show to my husband. We are just beginning our house hunt. The husband is of the mind that we can buy something old and renovate. I'm of the mind that we should just start from scratch. Obviously, he isn't thinking about the headaches that renovations can be - maybe this will when him over to my side! :-)

  2. Oh Lou, how I totally understand your feelings re the building work. Our extension and building work in the house just seems to have gone on forever, I look at it each day and despair of ever actually achieving something resembling a is frankly one long YAWN. My husband manages to remain positive, whereas I long for a finished kitchen, new stairs and bathroom. Even the dogs are fed up with it!! It will end eventually, I just hope I haven't lost the will to live in the meantime.....x


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