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posted on: Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pedicured toes - make me happy.

A new Violet Lake bikini - my third in as many years (!) - they are absolutely the best. This time emerald green.

Four sleeps until Disney!! Mickey Mouse ears here I come.

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It's warm and sunny.

They are laying foundations for the new build! This is BIG progress following the two month break accompanied by a sludge green pond outside our kitchen window.

Dolly Parton's resurgence after Glastonbury. Islands in the stream. The film 'Nine to Five' endures as one of my all time favourites. I heart the 1980's.

The puppy turned three this week; not so much a puppy any more but he still behaves and looks like he is about 6 months old. Love him.

More loom bands than we know what to do with. Seriously, whoever invented these little rubber bands must be enormously wealthy by now. Hours of fun.

The end of children break up on Friday and I realise again that this time of year I get so weary with the whole alarm clock, gotta go, school events frenzy. I am looking forward to a summer of laying in.

The prospect of two weeks with our good friends touring round Florida. A long-awaited return to my childhood.

It was Boo's school sports day this week - I so enjoyed watching all of these healthy, fit teenagers participating in sport, some exceptionally well but regardless, with really touching support and encouragement from their peers. It kinda made my heart swell, when you hear so many bad things about how teenagers treat each other. As ever, kindness can prevail.

An acquaintance I saw in the supermarket this morning who said he remembered me as 'a mother with style'. I liked this (almost ashamed to say how much). Hah!


  1. Loom bands, us too....they are everywhere, my son is crazy about them which has sort of surprises....he has an armful!!

    Florida sounds wonderful....I am thinking that I'd like us to go there in the next few years. I've never been. It's four weeks til we go away, lucky you!

    Yay for foundations, that IS good news!!

    Thank you for your comment's swings & roundabouts isn't it....I felt better about it all a month or so ago and, relatively speaking, things are better.....but it's still very challenging, that's for sure. Roll on the summer hols! Xx

  2. Enjoy Florida. I imagine you will be hitting St. Pete's beach. You should take your friends downtown St. Petersburg.....such an amazing city with great food and galleries.

  3. Enjoy your holidays. I am laughing at the puppy quote I have a spoodle who is 5 people constantly ask me is he a pup sometimes I lie and say he is because he will never change from being brimfull of energy and enthusiasm and I suppose that's what I love about him.

  4. What a lovely list of good things - including being known as a mother with style! People don't compliment each other enough. Have you considered building the foundations from the loom bands? We have enough I'm sure! Happy Weekend and Nearly Time To Fly to Florida my friend! xxx


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