Wisdom and me...

posted on: Thursday, 19 June 2014

If you meet someone who helps you - like I did when I found a dentist who didn't think I was mad for complaining about tooth pain for three years when it could not be clinically diagnosed - stick with them. I have this sometimes misguided loyalty to people I have known for years; I am starting to learn that it's healthy to make a change. Stuff changes. People change. It's OK.

I had to question my own bravery this week where I got stuck on a canal tow path facing an angry, very protective male swan. He had a family of six cygnets nearby (and the Mother swan) and he was not going to let me by. I spent a good forty minutes trying to work out how to get myself and the puppy past him without getting attacked. Honestly I thought I was brave; I now see actually less so! In the end I had to call a friend to come pick me up. I admitted defeat, not wanting to add 'surviving swan attack' to my list of endeavours.

My son, when we were driving to school, remarked that I had a 'secret day dreamy' life. I had been telling him about what I was thinking about and of course - for me - it was an eclectic selection of musings. I am a secret day dreamer. I took this to be a high accolade indeed.

And on the topic of day dreaming...this paints a pleasing picture of happiness. I am acutely conscious that my day dreams sometimes have a fretful side (isn't this blog a testament to that?!). If I could wish for one thing it would be to stop worrying so much. Seems that no matter how much life wisdom you pick up along the way, habits are habits and they die hard.

Still no passport; it's becoming a white knuckle ride now as we travel in a few weeks and the backlog for renewing passports is not diminishing. A depressing interlude when speaking to the advice centre. Why call it an 'advice centre' when they don't offer advice? No choice but to wait it out. Hold your nerve, basically. The lesson learnt - don't send your passport for renewal in the summer. I was not so wise after all...

I forgot I had leopard shoes; how lovely to go back to them after an absence. The joy of rediscovering lost shoes.

I filled out a form this week and it said: Occupation: Hah! I hesitated, considered putting 'housewife' but decided I don't live in the 1950's, so no. Then I considered putting my old vocation, then decided no, as one can't be defined by one's past.  In the end I wrote: 'None!' and felt happy about that. It's been nearly a year since I left my job; sometimes a new direction is what you need. Sometimes, it's OK to just concern yourself with flowers and bottles and making life seem clean and clear.

image by natasha calhoun


  1. Swans can be dangerous and I have seen one bite a child in a park. Nothing wrong with leaving the scene unharmed...daydreams and musings enrich our days don't they?
    I just renewed our passports and they are going to take 2 weeks...a few years ago Canada had a 6 week backlog but have made considerable improvements to the system. I hope you get your renewed passport soon.

  2. Dear Lou, I very much enjoy your musings on life and love the phrase "secret day dreamy life". Really hope the passports come through soon. Fingers crossed. Imogen x

  3. 'I have this sometimes misguided loyalty to people I have known for years; I am starting to learn that it's healthy to make a change. Stuff changes. People change. It's OK.' - I adore this, I need to pin it to my fridge!

    I've only just discovered your blog (via a beach hut shot on Instagram), I love your words.