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posted on: Friday, 6 June 2014

I have concluded that key moments in my life are defined by outfits. I have an uncanny recollection of what I (and everyone else) wore at certain times. This is one of those useless skills that I carry around; I am sure it will never have a real use, unless I am the witness to a crime and need to judge an identification parade '...he wore a navy duffel coat!'

I am struck though, at how this observational skill permeates my everyday life. How, if you were to ask, I can remember the EXACT outfit I wore to i) my thirteenth birthday (ra-ra skirt, pastel polka-dot), my graduation (beige skirt suit, circa 1995), our engagement party (black hipsters and a crop top - I was 25!), and when pregnant (leather maternity pants from 'Pea in the Pod' in Boston - I thought I was the bee's knees, newly pregnant, and rocking leather).

Elephantine memory.

When I was at University - a veritable hotbed of fashion disasters - I recall pink angora jumpers and thigh-high socks with checked mini skirts (really). Given that as students, we had no money, we still managed to go out and buy a 'night out' outfit which usually consisted of a top that vaguely went with Levi 501's.

Now of course it is all much more pared back, but I wonder if in years to come I will look back on 2014 and think: what the hell was I wearing??!

Meanwhile, I've stumbled across some new blogs that are written by the 20-something blog sorority. I am all for new blogs; sometimes you just need to look at something fresh. These girls are getting married and forging ahead with their careers. I think back fondly to that time in my life and had there been such a thing as blogging, I SO would have done it.

Also, I got on the 'Linkedin' bandwagon this week in an attempt to maintain my professional credibility. I am doing some consulting work for a small local business and I thought I had better be grown up about it. Linkedin is a phenomenon. Because it is so grown up and career-related, it tells you who has viewed your profile (I believe it's called 'networking' hah) and so every click becomes a discoverable act. It's so unlike every other kind of social media, where you can stalk at your will.

It did occur to me that no matter how serious I am in my professional life, the fact that I still write here about frippery like outfits and my inner-most thoughts would suggest that I am not a serious person. I wonder how these 20-somethings do it? Everything they ever did has been recorded; they don't know a world where it has been any other way. Does this mean they don't have the self-consciousness that I clearly have about my multi-faceted on line identity? One to consider...

It's Friday, I have been to circuit training, walked the dog and am off to see One Direction tonight with a gaggle of teenage girls. Thank goodness I have a friend to accompany me; last time I went I felt rather conspicuous standing alone as my daughter inched away from me. A stark realisation that you are cramping your offspring's style ;-)

I've been back in the swing this week and it has felt so good; I really did fall off the wagon when I was unwell. I know things are back to normal as I am again lusting after summer clothes. I ordered some Birkenstocks - which again is testament to the power of suggestive imagery. I saw my friend sporting some on Facebook, then I saw them on Pinterest, then I thought - time to purchase, click, click. There is a lot of commentary about them at the moment and their resurgence (I had them before - see above regarding 90's fashion; will this be the same?).

Meanwhile, just because, I leave you with this...happy weekend.


  1. Your memory is ASTONISHING.....I can't even remember what I wore last week LOL!! Pregnant & wearing leather pants....hello!!! Love that about you :)

    I've been to an exercise class every day this week & have loved it, I already feel in the swing of it.

    Enjoy 1D :) Happy Weekend! Xx

  2. My little sister has that same elephantine memory. I love when she tells me what we were both wearing on some relatively uneventful day in our past. How does she do this?!? I guess you'd understand. I also do love reading blogs by younger women - I find myself wishing blogging was around then, that I knew more about the technology. Nowadays everyone grows up knowing how it all works, as well as understanding that they have a real identity as well as an online identity to maintain - such a different frame of mind. I'm on LinkedIn quite a bit these days - the job search continues - and yes it is a different experience. I did finally figure out how to make my views anonymous so I don't feel quite so self-conscious about viewing someone's profile. Not that I want to stalk, but it felt like someone was always watching me, you know? And just because you like fashion and pretty things and writing about what's on your mind does not mean you're not a serious person. Who wants to be serious all the time anyway? Happy weekend!

  3. I often think that if blogging/the internet had been around back when I was younger - with a small child - I would have been ALL OVER IT!!

    I'm not on LinkedIn and did not know that LinkedIn people can see when you view them...hmmm.

  4. That is ah so gorgeous place, I closed my eyes & imagined myself sitting in the first chair gazing out.. It felt wonderful!
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  5. So funny. I'm the exact opposite. I often think about the fact that I would be a horrible witness. I would never be able to describe anyone - I don't remember what anyone wears:-)

  6. I'm on LinkedIn, but I mostly hate it. I hardly ever log in.

    I know what I was wearing to a lot of major events in my life, as well as the minor ones. I really miss my denim overalls from Old Navy. Even though they're in again, I can't see myself putting on a pair.