Humility today...

posted on: Tuesday, 20 May 2014

And so to Tuesday...

Yesterday was blah, 'meh', not so good. Today - well today, I got some perspective and am trying to see the sunny side. Although the sun went in. Bye sun - see you...when? Ever? I long for a hot summer...did I mention?

I live in the town where I grew up, so I have this strange sensation where the roads I drive every day are roads that I have walked, biked, run along, driven a million times before. This leads to an acute sense of deja-vu on a daily basis. Today, having dropped my husband at the station (I always feel like Betty Draper when he goes off to the city in his suit), I drove past two elderly ladies.

They were walking towards each other, one stepping very slowly with a walking stick, the other with a wheeled walking contraption for support. As I passed I glimpsed in my rear view mirror that as they approached each other, they smiled. Firstly in those split seconds I thought they knew each other and would stop to chat, as the elderly often do, having more time than those of us who are 'busy'. But then I saw the smile was simply a conspiratorial 'look at us' smile; knowing and rueful. You see, once those ladies were probably just like me - rushing about in their lives, agile in body and thought. But today they are old ladies, dressed in old lady clothes, with walking aids. I say this not for any reason other than to point out the reliability of the human condition; we all get older! The smile was a fleeting recognition; a hello to a stranger who experiences a similar happenstance.

So today - still recovering from flu, still surrounded by an un-built house, but better.

I also watched the Danish film 'Love is All you Need' a title which says little about the actual film; someone should have named the English release better. Incidentally, my Mum told me that the Danish version's translation is titled: 'The Bald Hairdresser'! This is so typical Danish; call it what it is but with a hidden depth. For me, with a Danish mother and hoards of Danish family, watching it was so comforting and familiar. Also ridiculously thought-provoking. There is a message there: don't settle.

Meanwhile on my comments about blogs and featuring products; I feel bad about this now. Who am I to judge? I have always shied away from featuring products (you should see the variation of emails I get asking me to feature brands - my sphere of influence in the arena of search engines must span from light bulbs to vegan shoes. Odd.) I guess the 'voice' I speak with here is my own and I never wanted to share it. However there are some brands I often talk about so how am I any different to the blogs that feature them as a conscious and sponsored decision? Anyway - in the sentiment of the quote 'a flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.' There is room for all.

I do love a good honest blog though - one a bit like that conspiratorial smile between two old ladies; the knowledge that we have something in common.

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  1. So glad to read you are feeling better today. I love your story of the two older women. They sound rather fab. x


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