And so to conclude...

posted on: Friday, 23 May 2014

This week, all taken up with the soul-searching of this privileged housewife and now we revert to normal service.

On other matters, I decided to order some new wellies - my old trusty Hunters have a hole in the side so they let in water. No good. Hunter have brought out lovely new designs with stripes and everything, so this makes me happy. The green and clementine ones are winging their way to me as I type.

Kate and I - oh-so-similar...
I also ordered a book by Diana Vreeland called 'Allure'. I still have a thing about real, actual books. No matter how many times I download titles on ibooks, it's never quite the same as holding a hardcover in your hand.

I listened to an interview conducted in 2009 with my favourite author John Updike. He talked about how writers had to accept that human interest when reading comes from the smallness of life; the every day. I agree; I don't write about the fantastical,

I write what is in my heart and my head at the time. I do then read back and think 'whhaaaaatttt was that?!' as the mood has passed and I no longer feel those keenly expressed emotions. This is especially the way with a blog - it is a diary. A friend of mine commented that I didn't seem to write for wider, public consumption, that it was for me alone. I think that's sometimes true - it's a cathartic thing to write. Well, for me anyway. It just happens to live in a place where it can be viewed by anyone. Bizarre. Welcome to my world.

I bought a summer blazer. I have this thing for blazers and it's been building for months. I never used to own one, except for a suit blazer and certainly wouldn't have thought of wearing one casually. Then I noticed that all of the outfit pictures I loved on Pinterest were of blazers. I SWEAR Pinterest is responsible for so many of my style choices now. You want what you see. You are what you read. I have blazer love.

images via stylista
I had noticed that my son was going to bed later and later. This happens with a second child; things that would have never happened with your firstborn creep up and become normal. It used to be bed by 7.30pm; now it's more like 9pm. The light nights don't help but still I had to re-set the schedule. So we reverted to bath and reading, something that had filtered out as he got older. At the moment it's Michael Morpurgo books - I think that man is a genuis. The modern-day Roahl Dahl.

Boo is in the middle of exams at school so evenings have been also spent cramming for chemistry and philosophy. Test me on the periodic table, go on. She is stoic and does the work, albeit slightly late in the day (her father's daughter). Next week a break for half term, which has swing around so quickly. It literally feels like they only just went back after Easter.

Where does the time go??!

And here we are; it's Friday. Have a great weekend and thank you, as ever, for your comments and sentiments.


  1. Okay, only commenting on part of this, although I've read & pondered all your posts this week.

    I was literally just upstairs doing housewifely duties - tidying childrens rooms - and found myself talking to you in my head & commenting "didn't they just break up"?! This has been the fastest half-term ever!!

    And the bedtime thing - YES!!! My son was still awake at after 9pm the other night...I am not a fan of late night sleeping, my children need plenty of sleep. Evenings are busy (and occasionally more fraught!), he reads more & more longer & I suspect reads by torchlight too (which I can't get too cross about!). I miss those 7pm bedtimes, desperately! My daughter loved Michael Morpurgo, my son can take them or leave them, though funnily enough he just read "Shadow" this week ,

    We have a really wonderful local children's bookshop with which Michael Morpurgo is quite involved - we went to hear him talk & read last year.....he was really fantastic, a fascinating man too.

  2. always the blazer.... always!


  3. oh blazzer daze...happy weekend!!

  4. Read all your posts and do understand where you are coming from. I am also like you in that when I have too much time to think I dissect everything to bits (the Criminal Psychologist in me). I've found a way to eradicate "too- much- time- to- analyze- syndrome", I started doing a little voluntary work. I do some work for Beanstalk who work with children who need extra help in school with reading; you become one child's "reading-buddy" for the whole academic year. As I am a total bookworm and don't have my own children, it's win-win all round. Sometimes voluntary work can fill a little time and just take you away from your own thoughts. Just saying………………. xx

  5. Read through your posts from this week and commenting once ~ see ~ I am learning. There are some great people out there that just write ~ I think that is what I like best about your blog Lou is your honesty and your putting it all out there. Thank you so much for your comments on my motherhood post ~ it was one I struggled with for years ~ putting it all out there again. Hope you are having a great weekend. xo

  6. Great post, as always Lou...from the heart...hope you enjoy Diana Vreeland's book...I certainly did; what a lady!
    Happy Weekend xx
    (Just wanted to let you know I have a new over-sized cashmere wrap coming in August, it's fabulous..I'll keep you posted!)