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posted on: Tuesday, 4 March 2014

To say that I am not inclined to write here is a falsehood; I am inclined, I just can't seem to find the moment. People, friends often ask me if I toil over this blog or if the words I write flow out. I can say with certainty they do flow, I don't think I have ever taken more than twenty minutes writing here, what takes the time is the pictures! It's a curious thing that I come to spill out my thoughts a couple of times a week. There is this rather strange sense of duty to do so, as if someone will notice if I don't. But most often it is because I need it; I need to share something or get something out of my head. I have thought a lot about writing lately as realise how much harder it is to write a book than it is to jot some pithy life observations in a blog. I had the idea for a book, I just didn't have a beginning, a middle or an end, hence why it's so hard to write!

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At the weekend I met up with my University friends (bar one who couldn't make the journey). It is the year of our 40th birthdays and so we met in Soho in London and drank wine and talked like there was no end to that particular day. I could barely sleep that night - ensconced again in my old, falling down farmhouse, feeling as far from Soho as possible. There were so many updates and thoughts to ponder. Of the group of us, I had children first, so to some degree have pioneered ahead of them as they have younger ones. I felt that my words of observation and wisdom on the teenage years - which haven't even landed yet but which have settled like some sort of hormonal cloud over our said farmhouse - were well and truly heard. But even though they are my dearest, oldest friends I came away wondering how I came across to them? A sprinkle of self-doubt mixed up with a lot of love. Seeing them was like a tonic and I concluded: they KNOW me, so whatever I said, it's probably OK.

And so what else? I ordered a tuxedo jacket as I felt that by my age I should own a proper, serious, grown-up, smart jacket. I explained the situation in Kiev to my children in the car to school. We discussed the differences between a King, a President and a Prime Minister; Democracy before 7.30am. Get me. I did yoga and went for a run. I ordered this book - everyone likes a list of things to do. I fretted about a gazilion things that are beyond my control.

I talked to my Mum, as I do most days. I love my Mum. I wrote more letters to my nieces; these about the merits of studying abroad. I didn't study abroad but always thought it sounded nice and what better thing than living vicariously through one's nieces? Less complicated than one's children.

I marvelled at the design of my favourite jewellery designer Georg Jensen as I was able to choose what I might like for my birthday. I took a new dress to be altered; there's something rather special about a proper dress-maker who bites pins in her mouth as she made it fit me like a glove. I did this and that...I felt grateful that I have time to do this and that. I did not miss corporate life. I smelled a mown lawn and it almost...almost...smelled like summer :-)

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  1. Your thoughts on writing are spot on. I do feel the inclination to write, but time, life, thoughts often get in the way. Your outing in London is exactly the same as what I plan to do in New York this weekend to start the 40th celebration. Meet up with friends, see a show, drink wine, and chat about life. Is there anything better? Sounds like you're in a good stage of busyness and not missing the corporate world - I confess, I am not missing it either, but I am getting my resume in shape and trying to get my mind wrapped around the possibility of rejoining that world. It is daunting. And lastly....a mown lawn!? Ours still has a foot of snow on it! I am ready for grass and birds and flowers and the call of summer. Ahhh...

  2. Summer... it can't be long now, right?

  3. You write so well, always. You have an eloquence and intelligence that engages the reader. How lovely that you meet up with your Uni friends, if you are like me, you drive home from an evening with close friends over analysing almost everything! Gosh mown grass, can it be that Spring is on its way? By the way, I love the sound of your farmhouse, falling down? Hey that will be the period features and character surely!? Xxx

  4. Hi Lou,
    I love reading your thoughts and observations ….. it's good for an olden like me to hear what young women of today are doing and thinking { as well as listening to my own children }
    I always love your links to lovely clothes shops, your recommended books etc ….. more of those please !
    I have a vintage Georg Jensen brooch given to me by my mum. I love it ….art nouveau is my favourite period ….. our house has all of the original fireplaces which are all art nouveau so I think that is why I love my Georg Jensen brooch ….. one problem though ….. I seem to have misplaced it !!!! It is somewhere in this house !!
    ….. and, I have an All Saints Tuxedo jacket with tails ….. one of my best buys. XXXX