My wanting of nice things and kindness...

posted on: Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I go through stages (often documented here) of switching between deep and meaningful and ridiculously shallow. Sometimes it shocks me the subtlety of my mood; tilting from concerned to unconcerned about a whole multitude of matters. It's been a serious time lately and so in contrast I am trying to find the shallowness again. For me this involves clothes, shoes, make-up, all sorts of STUFF.

The covet begins, all it takes is a picture of something (this is why Pinterest is so dangerous for a soul like me) and I will start to search the web like a woman possessed for that must-have item. I have discerning taste so in reality I rarely find it, but nevertheless the search is on. All winter I have wanted the perfect leather jacket. Yet to find it. Not the right colour or texture. This one is pretty close to perfect but the price tag makes me smart. Then I see this one and think: hmmm can it be possible to look like butter-soft leather but not be butter-soft leather? I go back to the age-old conclusion: you get what you pay for. Is this the exception to the rule?

The everyday is so rain-soaked at the moment that choosing clothes has boiled down to a basic premise of i) will I be warm enough? and ii) how many layers are involved? I wake up and think that I really need a raincoat. Can there be any more coats required for my life? Dog walking coats of all guises. Rugby-watching coats. Town coats. Evening coats. Daytime coats.

I am so good for ages and buy nothing and then, it's like an affliction that strikes and I lust for nuances in clothing: palm tree prints, Hawaiian surfer style but then at the same time, preppy New England blazers and brogues. It is a fashion dichotomy. I like things that remind me of the lurid 1980's. But simultaneously I like Audrey Hepburn-esque simplicity.

Meanwhile, last night we watched 'Argo' - which I have seen before and despite the fact that I know it turns out OK, is the most stressful watch. But I love Ben Affleck in it and I was struck by the thought that not enough people do good. It seems there is so much bad (I struggle to read the news some days) but not enough kindness and goodness in the world. This worries me. I know I am hurtling towards 40 (less than a month to go...) but as I age, I think more and more: what is there if there is not kindness?

I digress; this week is a blur of kid's social engagements with not a moment to spare, it seems. I am behind on so many episodes of 'Girls' that it's bothering me. My husband is laid up with Gout (a product, I think, of the last week and a half in Las Vegas at a conference...). Boo is still glued to her phone. Don't even get me started on the number of times I have tried to intervene in her love affair with her phone. We had a friend of hers to sleep over. I quite like hosting a sleepover - not the 10-kids/no-sleep type but the one-on-one-good-buddy type. They snuggle in bed like old ladies and discuss their friends in a way not dissimilar to the way I discuss my friends (minus the snuggling in bed). I get a window into the world of a 12 year old and all of the perspectives that exist. I am currently corresponding by post with my teenage nieces as I figure that even in their world of 'on line', everyone still likes to get a letter in the post. I defy anyone, at any age who doesn't. I am old school.

And as for beauty products...this week alone I have been swayed by a review about mud face masks and the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Who knew? Times are a changing.


  1. I LOVED "Argo", I - and the rest of the cinema - could hardly breathe throughout it, I was exhausted when I came out, it was my favourite film of 2013.

    Daughters & phones....I hear you. My daughter's is on its last legs, although I know it will need to be replaced, I fantasise about hitting it with a mallet or pouring hot water on it or simply putting it in the washing machine, is that bad?!

    I don't think shopping & wanting lovely things is shallow, not in the least, I love how you - and by that, I do mean YOU (!!) get an item in your head & then you hunt it down like a pro. Nothing wrong with that :)

    Hope half-term is providing you with some respite from the stress of the past few weeks Xx

  2. Nothing is as important as kindness...if only everybody felt the same way...lovely post, Lou xx

  3. I am the same when it comes to coats. Dog coat, rugby , gym, trench , snow, waterproof , trench, quilted, cashmere , wool and worse still I cannot manage to get rid of any of them was I wear them all.

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