City girls...

posted on: Friday, 21 February 2014

I spent yesterday in London; as ever, struck by the metropolis that is our capital. On the tube I spied two girls who looked like they had fashion credentials, dressed in a way that rarely occurs in the home counties where I live. Some observations: sleek, healthy hair - do they have a professional blow-dry every morning? Manicured nails in glossy, deep red.

They were fresh-looking - despite the fact that London pollution seems to grip me the minute I get there and on return home to my rural idyll I feel a need to jump in the bath, wash my hair, scrub every pore. Speaking of pores I did try Glam Glow this week - oh my goodness. In short an amazing beauty product. It feels a bit like an anthropological experiment walking about with a mud-green face and I definitely scared the puppy who, with titled head, followed me about curiously. But the after effect was the cleanest skin I have had for months. For a deep winter cleanse - this stuff is awesome.

Anyway, back to the girls on the clothes in classic shapes and colours but luxe, with hints of lovely detail. Grosgrain piping on a military shaped black wool coat. High-shine boots not scuffed by city (or country) life. Good leather handbags in elegant hues. Everything just so. Artfully wrapped scarves. They got on at Piccadilly and off at Baker Street. It made me get that yearning to be young and in the city - this is not exactly a regret of mine as I don't feel regret for my life choices. But I do get wistful of things I could have done and didn't. I never lived in London. It wouldn't have been me. But these girls, who were probably 23 or so - looked fabulous. What a great age 23 was! When I was 23 I was working in publishing, writing children's books (the cat sat on the mat) and planning for my incredible life. Hah. And here I am ;-)

I do wonder why it is quite so hard to achieve these city girl looks? I define it as the Olivia P style - never undone, never shabby, well-dressed, stylish jewellery but quirky and interesting. Seemingly oh so hard to do!

I read an article that said that women like me (40, country, mummy) wear this uniform: skinnies, cashmere sweater, diamond stud earrings and a fur gilet. Big hair. Think Liz Hurley. Hmmm not sure it's quite that formuliac but I do know women who are in that arena.

Is it weather related? I am British and ultimately everything boils down to the weather but I have to say - this winter has been a sartorial challenge! I wonder, if you live in a sunnier climate, that your choices are wider and things don't seem so dreary? One to muse and we try our best and sometimes I don't even try at all and favour comfort and grey.

Meanwhile this half term has gone by in a rush, but a good rush actually. Keeping busy is the answer. Less time to think for me and more time to experience for them. Back next week to the early morning school run but at least it's starting to stay light later into the evening and there is the slightest hint of Spring as crocus show up and the sun, distant though it is, shines through.

Happy Friday.


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