posted on: Friday, 24 January 2014

A week of slacking off. And so soon in January? Tsk. I blame the weather which is obstinately grey. Here is what's been on my mind this week:

Plans for our house are coming to fruition and instead of being excited I am hit with cold feet. Can I really face a six month (plus) building project?! I know I will love the finished outcome but the prospect of turning what was a set of farm cottages into one cohesive family house is daunting. We did knock though in the Autumn and having the space has been a revelation, but the next step is actually dealing with how the house flows (or at present, doesn't flow) from room to room. At the moment there are more nooks than you can imagine. Old houses = labour of love.

Where do all the emery boards go in my house? Nail file space/time continuum vortex?

Why does hair take so long to grow??!

I am in to white - if in doubt go with white. This applies most things.

I liked watching Boo go off for non-uniform day at school, resplendent in Aztec leggings, Vans and a 'Teenage Dirtbag' sweatshirt. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Last week I did some exercise every day; running, training. This week - not so much. Monday morning yoga set me up for the week but other than a long dog walk over the hills, I have done little. I've got the guilts about it - has that resolution ended already?

My relationship with skinny jeans endures. However - is it just me or is finding the right-fitting pair an enigma? They are either perfect on the leg but too big for the waist, or they are tight on the leg but right on the waist. I love them but have to mentally prepare myself for the discomfort each day. Am I going wrong? I have tried so many pairs it's not even funny anymore. Is this the deal with being nearly 40?

Did I mention I am nearly 40? Two months to go...

My son has been under the weather this week and so I have taken the tactical decision to keep him off school for a couple of days. I must say, the novelty of being able to make that choice without needing military-style manoeuvres to manage my work whilst he is sick is fantastic. I love not working. I love the freedom of being able to make the right parental decisions on the day. Rather than sending him to school in the full knowledge that they will call me by midday; but needing him to go to get a conference call out the way in the morning nevertheless. I have (shamefacedly) done this. It's the small things that matter.

I have got a new car. It's white. I like to pretend that i) I live in sunny California and ii) It is the 1980's.

This weekend we are going to the newly opened Wagamama (my fave food) with friends and chilling out; I think rain is forecast. Have a happy weekend.


  1. Hi! Oh it's so true, isn't it? This cold and gray weather saps me of all motivation. I give in for a bit, and then I pick up the battle again. It's all I can do. I certainly understand the trepidation towards a big house renovation - they are not fun! Worth it, though, in the end. I hope you will share a little bit with us. Some of those wonderful old-house nooks.

    I understand the lure of Disney - one of my favorite places in the world. I actually celebrated my 30th birthday there with my best friend from high school! My husband doesn't understand my love for it, and he's already dreading the day I drag him there with the kids (thinking next year). Have fun with the planning! We don't have our tickets for summer yet, and I feel like I can't truly look forward to it until we have them. Soon, I hope.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I am loving my Dorothy Perkins super skinny jeans at the moment. A great price and are perfect for wearing with school run uggs. I also went to Wagamamas last weekend. I love that place!

  3. Well I totally get your worry re the build, but I promise you Lou if you could see what we are living through and the site of destruction that is the exterior of our house, you shouldn't worry too much. From what I gather you have already knocked through. Chin up butter cup. I so get what you mean about finding jeans that fit, what has happened to the sizes. Turning 40, hey it will be fine. I hated turning 30 but by the time I hit 40, i was ready for it.
    Have a great weekend lovely xxx

  4. 6 months seems like so long but it will be so worth it Lou once it is done! Sorry to hear that your boy is under the weather but great that you can drop everything now without too much effort to care for him ~ one of the perks you have now. Have a grand weekend Lou and enjoy your dinner!

  5. We love Wagamamas too...every time a shop opens & closes in Muswell Hill, the word on the street is that it's going to be a Wagamamas & we all get ridiculously excited LOL! It hasn't happened yet so I'm keeping everything crossed :)

    Skinny there any other kind? I love them too.

    A house project....being just about to embark on ours, I hear you. The fact that I had hoped we would have started by now is one of reasons for my blahs this week I think. Hopefully some architects drawings will materialise this week. Yours sounds a really interesting project & your home is going to be gorgeous.

    Love that Boo clearly has inherited every once of her mother's style :)

    And finally, you paint the loveliest vision of you in the white car, mentally swapping Chichester for Cali!! I love that you love the 80s so much, it always make me smile :)

    Have a lovely week-end Xx

  6. I say "go for it". Once you get your feet wet , you'll enjoy swimming towards your heart's home!

  7. Yes, yes, yes! From house building induced cold feet to missing nail files... have you been living in side my head? ;-) xx

  8. If there is a need to do it, focus on the end of the 6 weeks and picture yourself in the most beautiful home you have ever lived. I experienced this part very often (exactly 4times) and much longer (nearly 1 year) I was frustrated, anxious and angry and sometimes on my limit but when it was finished I was excited and knew I made the right decision . Anyway I have to confess that sometimes I asked "was/is it worth to sacrifice oneself for the cause because every time you lost a bit of your power.

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