Note to self...

posted on: Friday, 31 January 2014

So, I was in the hairdressers having my colour done. I realised that for many years I coloured my hair for fun; streaks and red and all sorts of tones in between. Now having colour has become a six-weekly chore, all of the fun has been taken out of it! It's about restoring the status quo rather than a refreshing update. I have this new hairdresser who seems to colour it in a way that I didn't ask for, but which, when it's done, I see is better. I wonder what on earth she thinks when I say 'same as last time' as she proceeds to do something completely different, but good. As you know, hairdressers are an enigma to me.

I am now an inadvertent brunette.

Meanwhile, I am reading a lot these days. Not necessarily books, but masses of on line commentary and printed press. Frankly I get as much input and influence from bloggers as I do magazine writers; sign of the times. Every now and then I start to wonder though, just how much information I need? What is the need to know? I also read this post on the established blog 'Design Sponge' recommended by my friend Sophie, that really made me think about blogging and why people do it. I am still pondering it...but it did shine a light on some of the self-promotion that can exist and the slavish following of social media sites in the hope for more followers. I am at one with followers now. There have been many and some have stayed the distance, some have dropped by the wayside and I am OK with that.

I have, I confess, bought things I didn't need just because I read about them on a blog. I am coveted fashions that don't suit me or my life. I have considered different angles of my lifestyle and compared myself. I have felt bad/sad about my own life having read something about someone else's that made mine pale by comparison. And over the past few years I have realised that because of i) my propensity to read and devour information and ii) the immediacy of the web and all of the platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, I do this ALL THE TIME! It has, rightly or wrongly, become my norm. I accept it but have to really keep my logical head on and not get affected by the onslaught I read on line.

And, while we are sharing, can I just say that I am fascinated by Lena Dunham's nudity in 'Girls'? I read (there I go, reading again) Garance Dore's mini-essay on nudity and thought; here we get to the nub of how women feel about it. Really interesting.

I was given these cashmere bed socks as a gift (thank you Natasha!) and I have to say, they are one of the best additions to my life ever. Not often does something change my world; these have.

I had a wobble last week about the building work on our house. My husband (bless him) tolerates me in these phases as I work through my anxieties. He says I don't like change. It's not so much that, it's more that I struggle with getting through the bad times before the good times come. Isn't that natural? We have narrowed the scope and learned just how much it's all going to cost...deep breath now.

I am often surprised that things I expend time worrying about, then turn into little matters that I need not have worried about. Yet when that situation or similar arises again, I worry again. This makes no sense and is testament to the adage that once a worrier always a worrier and how the habit of worrying dies hard. I am making a concerted effort to slow down the worries; they serve no purpose. As so many less fretful readers have commented - life is too short!!

This weekend I am going to make this.

And I am going to read Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights' (again). I wonder if a love of books is something you're born with or if it comes later on when the time is right? Just the smell of a new book makes me happy. This is why I will never own a kindle.

But most of all, this:
(have a great weekend)


  1. Hi and happy Friday! An inadvertent brunette, huh? ;-) I'm sure it looks great - how nice to have a hairdresser with an eye like that and one that you trust.

    I just spent too long reading that Design*Sponge post and many of the comments. I didn't feel like adding my thoughts to that noise, but I will here. Blogging has definitely changed, but I've found that as the "big blogs" go through these evolutions, I grow tired of many of them and simply stop following. So many sponsored posts, and after a while the blog loses its unique voice and feels more like a magazine. I follow almost none of them on Twitter or Facebook, because most of them just post links to their latest blog post - What's the point?! And I've found that the best Instagrammers (that's a word, right?) are often different than the best blog writers. So yes, the blog world is changing, but are still SO many beautiful, personal, honest blogs out there, written by people who blog for some of the same reasons I do. To connect, to write their thoughts in an honest and creative way, to express gratitude, to take the time to make observations about life... And this is of course why I'm a long-time reader of yours!

    Ah, Wuthering Heights. It's sitting on the bookshelf next to me (I will never own a kindle either), and I think perhaps I should add it to my nightstand. It's been decades (!!) since I read it.

    Happy weekend!

  2. I am at one with my followers now too. It's really all about the ones who stay for the long haul anyway. Many others come and go.

  3. What a post! As a result of reading I encountered your affliction and went off down numerous informative rabbit holes. I think thats the joy of the internet and one that should be embraced. But like you I can never forsake a book. The smell and the feel of it is like nothing else. Wishing you a wonderful weekend my lovely friend! xxx

  4. Hi Lou,
    Well ……. after ' glancing ' at that post about blogging, I can't get over how important blogs are to some people. I just do it to keep my brain active, especially now that I'm another year older !!!! haha , also, to meet lovely people and have a 'chat' with them …… I am a very simple and shallow ' girl ' !! I think it's inevitable that we get less comments. I used to get over 100 but, many have stopped blogging or, find it hard to keep up …. I know I do ! Still, it doesn't matter really ….. those that we ' connect ' with stay with us so, they are the important ones.
    Hope that you are loving your hair ……. I always think that we are never happy unless our hair is right ! ….. shallow but true !
    …. and, to have so much work going on in your home must get you down sometimes ….. it's only natural. Keep on thinking about how wonderful it's going to be and that all of the upheaval will be forgotten.
    About books ……. I was never going to get a Kindle and went on about how wonderful a real book is but then I wondered why ! I think that sometimes we just say things because other people have said them !! Since getting an iPad, I have got ibooks and do find it pretty convenient, especially when going on holiday !!
    …. and, lastly { you'll be pleased to hear !! } many, many thanks for your Birthday wishes, and get that glass half full !! ….. maybe in a few years it could be overflowing { maybe that would be pushing it !!!!! haha } XXXXX

  5. I love books and don't own (and never will) a Kindle. My just 7 year old had almost finished the fourth Harry Potter book... She is a avid reader... Is it genetic or just learnt behaviour? I don't know but it makes me smile :-)

  6. A wonderful post Lou. I have just been directed to the most amazingly inspirational blog ( I defy you not to cry Lou, but I am sure it will put your worries into perspective (as it did mine). In fact I look back on my melt-downs over the past few week and feel positively pathetic after reading this blog.
    Like you Lou I will also never buy a Kindle. Even when I download a book on my iPad I never end up reading it. I am still a paper girl whether it be for reading or writing . I don't get excited about Evernote as most people do, but I get positively ecstatic about a new notebook ;-)

  7. Hi Lou,

    Wonderful post, as always! I will never, ever buy a Kindle, either, even though my bookshelves are full of books I have yet to read and I keep buying more (so difficult to walk out of a bookstore empty-handed ...).

    As for the blogging, I agree that all those perfect blogs showcasing seemingly perfect lives, wardrobes, homes, make-up etc etc can be a little disheartening ... I constantly have to remind myself that they aren't necessarily "real," you know? and I think that is why I have started to move away from those blogs and try to stick to those that are honest and relatable (although I will admit that I do give in to the sheer prettiness from time to time ... !). I'm not making much sense here, I know - you describe things with much more clarity than I ever will!

    Anyway, mostly I just wanted to stop by and say hello :) x

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  9. I hope you had a good weekend. I am trying to let go of some worries but sometimes that is easier than others. I am beginning to realise that worrying about something keeps me from doing anything about the thing I am worrying about but as of yet I can't seem to change it.

  10. Fantastic post. The baby just woke up, so must dash, milk bottle at the ready. Just wanted to let you know how much I'd love to be in your neck of the woods to meet up over a cup of tea. I know so many of the wobbles you described. Have a lovely weekend (it's another weekend than you meant initially, but who cares ;-))! xxx

  11. I do think do not worry about something you cannot change. Worrying takes such emotion and energy I try so hard relax. More and put problems into perspective. It makes life easier does not always work but I try.

  12. Honestly Lou, I think you should have your own column in a newspaper, the daily telegraph would be have such style...there are a few blogs that I regularly read that have such a talent for writing and you and Simone @ the bottom of the ironing basket have it in spades!!
    Happy Weekend xx