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posted on: Friday, 17 January 2014

How did it get to be Friday already? I've been flying solo all week; my husband flew in from South Africa early this morning so I am contented that we have a family weekend ahead of us. I spent two days this week lolling about at home, with hardly the energy to do anything. Most unlike me. I watched (twice) the new season's episode of 'Girls' with which I am mildly obsessed. Here, let me say it: I want to write like Lena Dunham. Me and the rest of the world, I'm sure. Type, delete, type, delete.

I pondered the three pages (yes three) of my to do list and wanted to throw it in the bin. I just can't get it together to get stuff done, even though I know if I do I will feel a million times better. I went to the gym - which is new for me. The gym is like an anthropological experiment; especially in January when everyone has turned over a new, gym-bunny leaf. It was good, I liked it, but there is still nothing like yoga or going for a run outside. Sadly, the rain here means that going outside is grim. Roll on Spring.

I bought some Chelsea boots (shhhhhh!). I had a thorny conversation with my daughter about posting appropriate pictures on Instagram. I figure: I just have to keep pointing out right and wrong until it sinks in to her school/friend-addled brain. I attempted to remember the learning points of 'Macbeth', which she is reading in English. I tried to work out why my son has woken in the night three times this week; I am out of practise with these night-wakings and as a result have that deep sea diver tiredness the next day. The puppy got groomed and now looks like a dog/piglet. There are still fairy lights hung in our porch from Christmas - we just don't switch them on anymore. I cooked Jerusalem Artichokes - hmmm, not convinced. I have stopped eating chocolate and have concluded that there is just no substitute. Every day I think about chocolate and every day I don't have it. Will power test.

I've thought a lot about summer holidays and have spent an inordinate amount of time googling destinations. We will return to America this year, which I am really excited about. There is something about returning to your childhood haunts that is lovely. I thought about what this blog is to me and how some weeks I have plenty to say and others I don't...but that's OK.

Thank goodness it's Friday :-) Have a happy weekend.

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  1. Great post, Lou...hey, we all get these weeks :) I'm with you on the jerusalem artichokes!
    Enjoy your family weekend xx

  2. I speed watched Seasons 1 & 2 of Girls the past 10 days and loved it! Fabulous writing and characters.
    Vacation booked and counting the weeks. Need to get out and run and prepare for a 15k I've signed up for (gulp) in mid-March, but the worst cold/flu I've had in years has knocked me down with a thump and I'm still trying to drag myself up again!
    Taking my snow bunnies up the mountain again twice this weekend and hoping the snow falls enough and the sun shines, and I can sit and drink gluwein and watch and enjoy!
    Happy weekend with your family, and hope you son doesn't wake again - I still have that with my 5 year old and its a killer!

  3. Oh Lou ~ break that list down into bite size pieces ~ the pure enormity of it must be daunting!! I hate the gym this time of year and we are still getting through the holiday chocolate ~ soon though I will jump back on the wagon. Coming to America ~ how exciting!! Where will you plan to go ~ I hear there is an Island not far from America where Anne used to live..... xoxo

  4. Lovely post Lou. Like you I've been in a bit of a funk; not motivated to do anything despite having masses to do. I think it might be the weather and post-Christmas blues. I also solved the problem of my "funk" by buying another pair of boots that I don't really need ;-) It certainly made me happy though x

  5. Hi Lou, I've been reading but not commenting for ages. This was a great piece - I agree so much, January pulls me into my duvet and makes me so slow it's untrue. If you're looking for places to stay in the States with your family, do check out www.kidandcoe.com - it might be just what you're looking for! Or drop us a line and we'll see if we can fix you up with somewhere just perfect.


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