Up in the air...and not with George Clooney.

posted on: Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Where did all the calm go? Each morning my alarm goes off and I think: (in complete darkness; damn this midwinter) how can it be morning already? I only just closed my eyes.

I'm in a blog writing funk. You know when people say 'if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all'? That is me. There is so much going on; even by my standards I am having simply too many thoughts right now. They are spilling over. It's partly that end-of-term fatigue of having done months of the school run. It's also Christmas - I love every droplet of festive magic but, my goodness there is so much to do. Add to the mix that we are going away to a sunny climate for Christmas (bikini body in December? err no) and hey presto - we have a full scale logistical operation on our hands.

I feel like things are up in the air. Family life has shifted on its axis in that inimitable way it does. One minute you're on top of everything, it's all running smoothly. Each family member is in their allotted groove. Then BOOM: no longer. It's nothing dreadful or life-changing but the last few weeks have been sufficient to ruffle my parental feathers and cause every waking moment to be spent pondering what to do. The old Louise negativity has arrived and I am trying to send it away. But there are only so many rousing quotes you can read before coming to the conclusion that sometimes life just gets tougher. It's a phase; got to ride it out.

I could update you on a gazillion other things; like the new checked trousers I bought when I had absolutely no intention of buying checked trousers. Or the fact that I had a whistle-stop evening trip to London last week, consisting of two epic train journeys and not much in between. It seems we do live in a backwater, considering the time it took to get to the big smoke. I loathe the train. On the daily dog walk I spent a good fifteen minutes wondering where in the woods I would sleep if I were Katniss from 'The Hunger Games' and I was forced to sleep outside! I know: WTF. Oh and by the way, I decided not to cut my hair. I have had my first pang of properly missing corporate life - this had to happen sooner or later - fifteen years of conditioning doesn't die overnight.

Forgive me a moment of bah humbug - but what is the deal with the media/advertising extravaganza of Christmas parties. Who goes to these parties? Who holds these parties? Is it just me or does the social calendar not consist of a plethora of amazing parties at which one must wear sparkles? Or red? I'm missing out...not one party invite on my horizon!

So you see? I would love to bring you Christmas cheer and happy mellow thoughts of calm but in fact nothing could be further than the truth. Hah.

Meanwhile, can I just ask something? For those of you who drop by and want to comment - what is your favourite blog in the whole world? Who posts a post and makes your heart sing? I need some new blogs to plunder and I am looking for inspiration...

I'll come back when I am in a better mood ;-)



  1. Oh Lou thank you! I thought it was just me, that somehow my family had missed the all important round of party invitations. Somehow we had become invisible, lost our social standing(if we ever had any!) I too watch these adverts of impossibly glossy people, in their **** off houses! endless friends and gallons of champagne and think, help I am missing out. On a different note, I am relieved to hear that you have decided against cutting your hair. In my experience if you had to deliberate for so long, you had doubts. I always do something drastic like that when I feel there is change afoot.
    Hope the rest of the week goes well x

  2. Hi Lou,
    Well, I think that I'll wait and see what blogs your other blogging friends recommend ….. I tend to be rather shallow and mostly look at ones with pretty pictures although, I think that my favourite ones are the ones that make me laugh which are often written by men.
    Regarding this ideal Christmas that the media seem to portray more and more, I don't know if you saw my last By Invitation post ….. I'm not trying to make you read my blog ….. it's relevant !!!! haha. Our subject was ' The Cocktail Party ' and I just knew that everyone would do Champagne, Chanel dresses, Jimmy Choo's, caviar and beautifully decorated mansions so, me being me, did, squalor, frugal and tat !! haha. It is all getting out of hand now with beautiful, thin families, all with bikini bodies { even the men !! } , living in huge, designer homes, whereas the majority are rushing around trying to get everything done before the big day, many are worried about the money and often get into debt, not all family members get on with each other and many are lonely, miserable and cold. Of course, I buy into it to a certain degree but I think it's all getting a bit obscene ….. we certainly don't need half of the food that we buy.
    As for parties, I don't know many that have them and definitely not on a grand and lavish scale. We, by some tradition that just seemed to happen, have friends around for a drink on Christmas Eve and then see all of our family over the Christmas period.
    I'm sure that your mood was just a mood in passing and that you now have gallons of Christmas spirit. We were in London yesterday and, just to walk round made me feel all Christmassy.
    Have a lovely week Lou.
    Oh and by the way, I was so suprised to see, in the comments on your post about your hair, just how many people went to an Aveda salon ….. I must be doing something right !! XXXX

  3. I know where you are coming from Lou. I was feeling the same about 1 month ago and wrote about it on my blog. I also wrote about that dreaded "compare and despair" syndrome to which you gave me the most fabulous advice ;-)
    You might be missing corporate life now as you think about Christmas parties etc, but let me know how you feel on January 2 when everyone is back to work bemoaning the fact that the holidays went by so quickly and they are already calculating when their next day off is ;-)
    I think we can get so wrapped up in all the tinsel and sparkle and deep down we feel we are not living the images we are shown on TV i.e the continuous rounds of glamorous parties, gorgeous clothes, glowing skin (despite all the crap we are eating and drinking). I am consciously just trying to just enjoy each moment whether that is with family, friends, time in my own company, or walking through the forest with Hubs. I am consciously going to try and enjoy each moment and not get dragged into the glitz of it all. Jetting off somewhere warm sounds like the perfect answer Lou.

  4. Thank you so much for shedding a little light on the party season thing - I thought I was the only outcast who in a world full of sequin obsessed, well-coiffed beauties (I own just one sequin dress which was bought and worn once with a hefty dose of irony at a strictly themed fancy dress party). Happy to hear you haven't chopped off your hair. I'd like to chop mine, too, but just like you, I think wanting to cut it all off is symptomatic for something a bit deeper.
    Hang in there, lovely Lou, as you said, it's all just as phase, and either it will blow over gradually, or something unexpected and positive will happen and all of a sudden, you will start seeing life in a different light again xxx

    PS: Bikini body in December? YIKES!!
    PPS: I think you could like these:

  5. We kind of had one of those parties at home on Saturday. 20 adults and 18 kids. The adults looked lovely and were well behaved (shame!), unlike a handful of the kids. They tore around the house scattering popcorn behind them and one screwed up and tore a heap load of cash (from my daughter's toy cash register!!!!). A kid's tie, shirt and belt have since been discovered (stripper in the making I think!). I was exhausted from all the organizing and could have gone to bed while everyone was enjoying my delcious food and cocktails!!! Ha Ha! Where are those swanky parties going on - not at my house! Happy Holidays so we say!

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  7. Hello Lou I have just chopped my hair and then got invited to a 1940s themed party (one of the few!) and was totally unable to look even vaguely the part! Otherwise our diary is pretty party free.

    My favourite blog is Backwards, which I know you already read. But many wise things are said there and it might be nicer to read than the sparkly perfect ones.


  8. Er, the In High Heels has vanished. Backwards in High Heels.

  9. misspickeringblogspot.com. Florist, blogger, whatever, Your blog and her blog are the only two I read!

  10. I've gone to one holiday party in the last five years, although I used to go to one for work every year. Black tie, gorgeous dresses…the whole thing. I miss them. I'm beyond the wedding phase, so when else do we get the opportunity to dress up and go dancing? Maybe I should throw a party. Hmmm…

    I'm sorry you're in a funk, but of course as you said, it's a phase and it too shall pass. The busy-ness of the season will subside, and you'll have fun with the traditions and decorations and presents…and hopefully you have smooth travels to your warm destination. (Good luck with that bikini! I shudder at the thought.)

    You made me laugh with your Katniss wonderings…funny how our minds work sometimes, isn't it? I love that you bear all here, though.

    No new blogs from my end….I think you know all the ones I read at this point, and I haven't gone exploring in blogland in a while. I'm thinking January will be a good time to clean house and start fresh and discover some new sites. In the meantime, though, if you find some good ones, please share.

    Have a happy week!

  11. Hello Lou,
    I love your blog, the honesty, pictures and your writing. I have been working in law enforcement now in LA for about 26 years and I cannot wait to retire and do the things you do now since you have stopped working outside the home. I have seen and experienced alot having this type of job and I think I really appreciate the simple things in life. God is number one, raising our boys to be good men, a good cup of coffee, winter snow and just seeing a deer walk across my view when we are in Montana is enough. We have two boys, Noah who is 17 and Joel who is 11 and a black lab named Wyatt. We have a log cabin in Montana that we will hopefully retire to in a couple of years. The blogs I read are: Maryjanes Farm, Na-da Farm Life with Anna Marie, Chez Fifi . I think you will like them... You do write about real things women are feeling and thinking which is what I love most about your blog and will continue to read. Sincerely, Deborah

  12. I enjoy your blog a lot, the ups and the downs, the good mods and the bad. The others that I regularly read have already been mentioned: Backwards in High heels and Miss Pickering. Both offer truth and goodness for the soul in very different ways. The Women's room is also very good.
    My christmas party (singular) was at the local football club. Not a shiny destination but after 2 glasses of champagne very good fun and full of mad dancing. Lots of people are in fact having 'quiet' normal non glitzy christmases, it is just that the shops want us to spend more and try to make us feel inadequate if we don't.
    Keep it real, we all enjoy it that way. Thank you for your pictures and words.x

  13. I wait with anticipation most mornings to see whether you've posted overnight (I'm in Australia). I love your blog because you're honest and you don't make your life sound "perfect". You appear to tell things how they are - the good and the bad. Too many bloggers have "perfect children", "perfect partners" and the "perfect lives". We all know that's not reality all the time.

    I felt your pain when I read your blog about the challenges you have with your daughter at the moment. We too had similar challenges with my step-daughter at the same age. She wasn't making the best decisions (or even remotely good decisions) and it was near impossible to guide her in the right direction without physically locking her up in the house (which, be assured, we didn't do - although very tempting)!

    If it's any comfort, she finally worked out that life was was much more pleasant when she made good choices rather than the chaos that ensued after making a bad choice. It took a little while though.

    I have only two pre-Christmas engagements this year and I love it. A lunch with friends this Sunday and then lunch with other friends next Sunday. I've done all the pre-Christmas partying in the past - cocktail dresses, high heels and glitz. As much as I enjoyed them and had a great time, I found they just added to the Christmas stress for me - not enough time to re-charge (I'm an introvert).

    The media (especially advertising companies) do put enormous pressure on us leading up to Christmas to put on the "Christmas Extravaganza" a la Martha Stewart. For busy people who don't have an entourage of staff to take care of things it's near impossible. A bit like Jamie Oliver's "15 Minute Meals". Impossible unless you have staff cleaning up after you and placing everything where you need it at just the right time.

    It's the small things that you do at Christmas and the traditions that you create along the way that your family will remember in years to come.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Regards, (another) Lou

  14. I LOVE this! Pretty much sums up exactly how I feel right now. (and, bikini body in December? I don't think so. I am headed to the beach as well. Bikini body won't be happening!)


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