A million little decisions...

posted on: Wednesday, 18 December 2013

You know how you go along in life and most of the time it's a merry-go-round of a million little decisions, many of which don't actually truly matter? Not in an important way; not really. I try so hard not to get lulled into the security of those million little decisions. I try to stay sharp and ready for whatever might be round the corner. Is this the pessimist in me? I like to think it's part of what being grateful is all about. I tend to the quieter times and store up my strength for when there is a curb-ball. That's the theory anyway. Sometimes I witness those around me getting het up about things that shouldn't matter so much. I get wound up too and I try to stop and notice myself and gather up some perspective. In every way I am fortunate. We should just sit tight and enjoy life, yes?

As I wake up each morning I'm aware in the first few seconds of consciousness - there's calm before the thoughts rush in. Right now, this week, I have over committed; everyday life is coming from all sides and there are added complications. Like the fact that my car (I love my car; I live in my car) is going to the garage and I am now driving our Land Rover which is basically an agricultural vehicle. Heavy clutch and water leaks. Door doesn't shut properly. No parking sensors.

Events of late:

In a random act of kindness; I received a gift from a Danish blog friend whom I have never met but who took the time to send me something very special. Wrapped in brown paper and string no less. It was such a lovely treat and so unexpected. So, thank you Carina.

Our sole iphone charger stopped working. All hell broke loose.

School holidays and these films are on repeat: 'Pitch Perfect', 'Romeo and Juliet' (the version with Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes - I studied that Shakespeare text and yes, I recall great chunks of it some 25 years later). Not to mention 'Sleepless in Seattle' and a whole extravaganza of Christmas movies.

I've googled various parental self-help books. If in doubt: read.

I got a shellac pedicure...OMG how have I never done this before?

Each time I have thought I was ready for Christmas, I get that creeping feeling that I am not.

I queued 30 minutes for a car parking space (in the tractor-car Land Rover). World gone mad. Too many shoppers.

I bought these shoes. A Christmas present to myself. I really didn't mean to but I have loved them for months.

I squirrelled away so many wrapped gifts, I now can't remember what is where.

My husband had meetings in three different European cities in as many days. Six flights later and he is now back on British soil. Yay.

Last New Year's Eve we all (as in my little family) wrote down five wishes for 2013 and stored them in a jar. We are now near to opening the jar and seeing what we wished for...


  1. You're welcome. So glad it made it across the water in time. Merry Christmas!

  2. Lou, can I just copy past this post onto my blog, please? I hear you on so many levels, from the husband being away to the car-tractor (my husband has just bought one of those...), to the squirrel effect of hiding presents to reading up when you feel in a parenting dead end. Or is it a black hole? It seems like sometimes all my positive attempts seem to be sucked into a black hole and just disappear to no one knows where.
    Love the idea with the jar. Much love, Deborah xxx

  3. What a great idea for the New Year Wish jar - I think we may adopt that one this year. I hope your's and your lovely family's wishes all came true. And love those shoes - you were made for each other! xxx

  4. I love the idea of a New Year Wish Jar -perhaps I could 'borrow' this idea??

    The shoes are lovely. I would have purchased as well! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and peace!

  5. Congrats on the new shoes ~ you NEED them I just know it! Love the wish jar idea ~ New Years Day will be exciting ~ the anticipation alone.... when do you leave for your trip ~ your new pedi will look lovely with your toes in the sand. Merry Christmas sweet friend. xo

  6. Love the Wish Jar idea. This December has been the type I have always dreamed of, less rush more memories, going to introduce this to my family definitely! Thankyou & wishing you a kind 2014, xx

  7. Hi, Louise :)
    I just wanted to say thay every morning I experience this consciousness (that you described in this article) - I feel the calmness without any thoughts. And this feeling is so great..


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