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posted on: Thursday, 5 September 2013

Home! We had a really interesting time away; different places, time with good friends, time as a family, travel and moments to reflect. A lot of book-reading. A lot of hot, sunny weather. Some breath-taking Atlantic views, beach bars, surf shacks and bike rides. A life lesson or two...more of that in due time.

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I have been writing blog posts in my head for weeks and now I am back I am wondering why I haven't been able to actually get anything down. This post has sat as a draft since Saturday. It's Thursday. I am decompressing and up until this morning had my happy camper children with me. School is back and can I just say: what a summer!? This year I will remember always as it had i) proper real hot weather, ii) lots of beach time, iii) I stopped work and I note that iv) there are so many things brewing on the horizon I am beside myself! That makes it sound like I have big news and I am afraid to say I don't, not really. It's just a feeling I have of good stuff coming down the line. Some cool domestic developments - we have builders here this week making new doorways breaking in to the cottage we own next door. Did you ever see the film 'The Seven Year Itch'?? You know that bit where Marilyn Monroe descends the stairs from the upstairs apartment having made two homes into one? It's not been quite that simple (as ever with this old farmhouse; the moment you scratch beneath the surface...there is something unexpected) but similar.

Today is the first day I have sat alone for what feels like a long time - two months! I am wearing one of these - my new obsession. I got unfit over the summer, so I am planning a return to running and some more yoga and my usual circuit training habit with the mothers. I am tanned from Portugal - we had the best time. You know when you think you know a country and then you step away from your normal route and learn that there is so much else? That is how it was.

But most of all in my current jumble of thoughts is the recurring knowledge that I don't have to work anymore. I honestly can't tell you how many times a day it crosses my mind and how each time, the sheer relief and beauty of it surprises me. No regrets...

So I just wanted to say 'hello' - I'll check in again tomorrow or maybe the day after... :-)

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  1. Hey, welcome home. What a Summer it has been, real sunshine for days and weeks at a time, just like I remember it when I was a child.
    It is that wonderful time of year when everything seems fresh and new, that real start of a new term feeling. I get it every year even though it is an absolute age since I was in education!!
    Look forward hearing all about your vacation. Good to have you back Lou.x

  2. Welcome home my friend! You sound full of the joys of a wonderful summer and it's lovely to read! It has indeed been a gorgeous summer - makes you feel that the memories will keep us going through the colder weather. I too am thinking of taking up yoga again after a brief dabble a couple of years ago - may have to pick your brains. Hope you can make the shopping expedition to a certain favourite store - everyone is in! xx

  3. Hello :) Welcome back from what sounds like a phenomenal summer. May i ask what yoga you do? I absolutely love that Frida Kahlo quote... xx

    1. Just to let you know that i have done a couple of the routines on the yoga app you suggested and am really enjoying it! Good luck with the actual lessons, i think it is important to have a guide present to make sure you're getting the best out of the poses but the app is brilliant for the days you can't make yoga or when you're stretched for time but want to move a little bit! xx

  4. Welcome back! I, too, took a break from my usual workout routine, and I am feeling it for sure. I tried to get back into it this week, and everything was so much harder! Agh! But I'll keep at it. Can't wait until my little guy starts school on Monday - a few hours of peace during the days. Love the Frida Kahlo, and can't wait to hear more about those life lessons. Happy you had a wonderful holiday. - Mary

  5. Hello and welcome back. Looking forward to hearing more about your summer when you are back in the swing of things. It's taking me a while to get the routines up and running again now the kiddos are back at school - those 11.5 weeks of fabulous summer gone in a flash.

  6. your summer sounds amazing lou! i've miss you!!!! i really hope you guys had the best time in portugal i cannot wait to hear more about it! im so excited for you for everything coming up :) i know there will be a lot of amazingness coming from you yippie xxxx

  7. So glad your back with a real spring in your step. Have a fun weekend

  8. So pleased you've come back excited about what the future holds and that Portugal helped you eliminate some of your fears. Onwards and upwards now lovely lady xx

  9. Dear Lou,

    I've never commented before but I missed reading your updates whilst you were gone so I thought now was the time to come out from the shadows.

    So- it's lovely to have you back and I can't wait to hear how this new time of your life unfolds.

    I too need to get back on the yoga mat after a summer of neglecting it.

    I'm glad I've said hello now!