Getting it together...

posted on: Thursday, 15 August 2013

I have found myself struggling all week to write a blog post. I have dilly-dallied for days and find that I can hardly form a sentence that makes sense. I think: my poor neglected readers who, touchingly, have come through lately (as they always do) with comments and recommendations.

I admit I've always had a faddish quality...I'm the one to embrace the 'latest thing'. Those who know me well probably roll their eyes as I decide I am going to adopt whatever is today's de rigueur thing. As it stands, this past week, the enormity of having no vocation has hit me...and I have to say: it's lovely! I confess, I have spent more than one afternoon lying flat out in the sun on our new trampoline, which I have decided is the perfect place to read a book. Almost a zero gravity feel, pausing to look up at the clouds as they roll by (this is England, after all).

via a well traveled woman
On recommendation of a lovely blog reader, I am currently reading a book by this writer and feel like it's a revelation! The enormous expanse of opportunity ahead of me is becoming clear; it all depends on how I chose to regard it.

I have a new project: it's myself.

The fact that there is a choice how to spend my days is dawning on me. Even before when I have had time off, it's been temporary and with strings. This time it's all very different.

Over the course of coming months, our home is going to completely change. You see, one end of our house is a separate cottage which, up until now, has been rented to tenants. They've now moved out and we are planning to knock through to enlarge our space and restore the house to one home instead of two. When I imagine knocking through I get this Tom and Jerry-esque image of a cat-shaped hole in the wall. How complicated can adding two doors be?! So exciting though - to idea of making this old farmhouse mine - and guess what? I am going to white-wash everything!

Meanwhile the summer continues; not exceptionally hot but at least dry and easy. Lots of beach walks; it always make me smile seeing dog walkers in jeans and sweatshirts alongside holidaymakers in swimwear - no matter what the weather. We Brits will make the most of a dry day!

via a well traveled woman
We are off to Portugal tomorrow for our summer holiday. We return to the same haunts, and this year to explore some new ones, but I refer back to my love of it, written about here and here!

via a well traveled woman

See you soon!! 
Lou xxx


  1. Exciting times are ahead! I look forward to hearing about your up and coming year. Enjoy your vacation. We leave for Cape Cod on Saturday and I can not wait! Lx

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Have a simply brilliant time in Portugal, relax, read and refresh!
    Exciting times with the house renovations, I can empathise with you there.

    I look forward to hearing all about your holiday, have a great one.

  3. Yaaaaay! so pleased your starting to see how your new vocation is YOU ;-)
    Have a lovely holiday Lou and savor every minute of being a corporate refugee. Just think you won't have "holiday blues" this year. Does it get any better?

  4. Although I'm Portuguese and live near the beach (in Cascais), we always go to the Algarve at least for a week in summer to unwind... it's great that the only things you worry about is if you carry your boks to the beach or swimming pool and what to choose from the menu for dinner. I hope you enjoy your break!

  5. So many great things on the horizon and I adore your new project ~ it should always top your list.

    Have a fantastic time on holiday! xo

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  9. You must have much fun in your holiday. Looking forward to hearing more about your experience.


  10. What better project can there be? I'm so excited for you, and of course I know exactly how you feel. I've been thoroughly enjoying those lazy chats with the kids, cleaning up after my slobs, getting enough sleep, exercising, reading... There are times I do miss my colleagues, and the recognition of a job well done, and the paycheck of course, but I can confidently say that it has all been worth it.

    I'm very excited to hear more about your renovation too. Will you share some pictures with us along the way? I want to see those white-washed walls! And good luck - I also know too well the stress that comes along with that type of project. Even just two doors in a really old house can be more complicated than it should be. But how exciting!

    I hope you are having a wonderful, happy, and relaxing time in Portugal. Your instagram pics certainly suggest that you are. I'll look forward to catching up more once you get back and settle back into the school routine and your new life at home. Take care! Mary