A year already...

posted on: Friday, 5 July 2013

Today my children break up from school for the summer holidays - honestly - where did that year go? Unbelievable. If I think back to this time last year, I see the changes that have taken place have been huge, but weirdly imperceptible until now, when I look at the contrast. Now - as two whole months of summer holiday stretch out ahead - I will try to take stock. The weather has turned and it is sunny, and according to the BBC it's going to stay for July. This very fact has become my most happy-making thing as the prospect of beach days and being outside become a real possibility. Never before have I been so grateful for a period of high pressure.

In bizarrely regular fashion (you'd think I would learn...) I have got all busy and stressy in recent weeks and yet again it's had consequences for me physically. I feel now that I must get back to where I was before I got undone; taking time out, yoga, good food, enough sleep. I am staggered how easily I let it all slip and how quickly the effects make themselves known. I want to keep the wisdom of my experience and instill it daily - why is it so hard to do that?!

We have decided to go ahead with some house renovations sooner than we thought and so all of a sudden we are planning and thinking ahead to having more space. As we hurtle towards the teenage years, Boo seems to be growing daily - literally before my eyes. We need more room. We need a house that fits better for the life we have now. Of course I am poring over Pinterest and planning, planning, planning my white-washed new space.

I've been thinking a lot about confidence - having watched end of term concerts and shows and sports days - I am struck by the supreme confidence of these children. It seems privilege grows confidence and confidence grows privilege. I ponder this and look back to my school days when frankly, there was no way near as much support and opportunity. Lucky, lucky children.

And meanwhile - I am awaiting the full story of the most romantic engagement that took place this week - from my friend Sophie - whose charming George proposed in Sydney. Sometimes love can surprise us and I love that :-)

And so to some good old fashioned things of beauty...

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Have a fabulous weekend!!
Lou xxx


  1. That black and white skirt is seriously gorgeous. Love love love it!


  2. amazing post Lou. you're so lucky the summer is there! it's cold and rainy here... have a wonderful weekend, darling! xo

    Caroline @ Patagonia Gifts

  3. Lovely post Lou. That lobster had me salivating. How excited you must feel as your new adventure begins having become a corporate refugee ;-)

  4. Beautiful collection of images Lou, have a great and very relaxing weekend x

  5. I too was amazed at the incredible confidence of the children had at end of year assembly this year at my son's US school -fabulous speaches and presentations. They schools seem to start wrking on this confidences and public speaking at such an early age - I don't ever remember getting such skill training when I was at school.

    We are on week 3 of the summer hols and loving it. Feeling extremely lucky to be here in the UK this week with sunny days for the rest of our stay. Wishing you a great summer.

  6. Hello! Happy Summer! Yes, why is it so hard to keep the daily reminders - good food, exercise, mindfulness. All we can do is keep trying. Honestly I've found that my blog helps in this regard. But I was never able to keep it up until I had the time to do so. Now...it's a rare day that I allow stress to creep in. I will keep that up as long as I can. And yes, how lucky our children are! I wonder if they will ever truly know. I have been thinking a lot about how to give them more of a view as to how other children live both here and around the world - perspective is a good thing. But yes the growing confidence is such a beautiful thing to witness.

    Good luck with the house renovations! Now that can certainly be a source of stress, but I hope the fun and anticipation and of course the final result outweighs any stress along the way. We don't have a lot of space either (old houses...), and we don't live within walking distance of any of the boys' friends, so I understand the concern. It's something we'll have to contend with as well. Will you post some details along the way?

    Have a fabulous week and enjoy that summer heat!

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