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posted on: Wednesday, 26 June 2013

That feeling or glimpse of summer when you're driving in your car and 'My Sharona' comes on the radio - instant flashback to being 18, generation X, post-University, watching 'Reality Bites' when Winona Ryder was so young and so cool.

Far too much outfit shopping - concluding that I like the order/delivery process almost as much as wearing the item itself. There's a lot of 'return to sender' happening in our house.

Blossoms in the garden.

The prospect of days and days ahead to clear the decks in my house. A yearning to remove half of our possessions; I have become encumbered by my own 'stuff'.

Missing my husband; he's working hard.

A return to circuit training; energy depletion after last week = my workout is hard!

Seersucker bed linen - which make me think of Danish childhood in my cousin's summer house.

photograph by sally gall
Wimbledon - one of the best and most soothing sports to have on in the background. Closely followed by golf.

Realising that actually, I do need another pair of white converse.

End of term plays. End of term sports days. End of term in general.

Dog walking at the beach as the fields really are way too full of pollen.

Getting ready to say goodbye to long-established colleagues and start new. From August onwards the term 'big blue' will come to mean the sky or the ocean and not this, as is has been for the last fifteen years.

photograph by sally gall


  1. lou i dont think i commented of the post where you announced that you are not going back to work. but i read it and loved it so much! im so so so happy for you. when im back from sydney in a 2 weeks we haveeee to plan when i can come down and visit you in your perfect corner of the world. i also want to hear all about L'Apothecary plans :) xxx

  2. End of term feelings that include you too this year Lou. Been gardening all morning, now enjoying Wimbledon for a while, before back out to try and tame the flower beds.

    Not long until August Lou, looking forward to hearing your thoughts and observations on your new life pattern. xxx

  3. and if the sun would only shine........good luck with the new adventure!!

  4. I know what you mean about having Wimbledon on in the background - can't say I'm a huge tennis fan however the quiet sounds are calming. I need some clam right now...one of the reasons I keep visiting your lovely blog! xx

  5. You can never have enough new Converse and my newest are white this summer and I'm loving them.
    I too love to have a big clear out every now and then - it lightens the load, gives the home and uplift and makes you realise there is awful lot of things you have that just sit in a cupboad, seeing the light of day just once or twice - less is more!

  6. I just can't get into tennis.

  7. Ah Winona. Love. I also watched The Breakfast Club last week and remembered being 16. It's funny looking back from this age. The view is interesting from here. I can actually appreciate Wimbledon. The big moments in sports, even ones I don't follow throughout the year, I can definitely appreciate. I love your little glimpses. I feel like I'm only reading lately and not writing or sharing at all, but it's so hard with the little guys around me all the time. I am craving silence in a huge way. We are headed to the beach next week for a few glorious days, and I hope I get a chance to sit on the sand and just listen to the waves. That's all I ask.

  8. Now I am humming My Sharona ~ thanks for that! Everything on my deck is caked in yellow and I can't wait for that part to end...all kinds of changes for you but good changes Lou ~ the weekend id coming ~ breathe deep. xo

  9. You have to read The Joy of Less if you are feeling encumbered as you say! It's an amazing book & will encourage you to look with new eyes. I've lent it to so many friends & they are doing the same!! It's funny! Xx