The go-slow...

posted on: Monday, 13 May 2013

I have had one of those days I relish...I spent hours and hours alone! I love days like this...where I mooch and potter and do very little indeed. When they are rare, I long for days like this; on a go-slow all day long. I do wonder why this lack of activity has become so appealing to me as I never used to be this way. Now I break down each event into a time-span so I know just how long it will be until I get back into go-slow mode. Even better today; I spent the whole day in yoga pants (and I did not do any yoga). I did both drop off and pick up dressed down (thanks to this genius pair) and I DIDN'T CARE. This is momentous. I feel like I am growing. I tidied up, walked the pup round the fields, did my Alexander Technique semi-supine thing, internet-shopped and cooked dinner. That was it and I loved every minute.

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I check myself, in the knowledge that at some point in the future I will rue the day I enjoyed doing so little. I get the impression that this is very much a product of having too much to do and that when that tails off - empty nest time, for example - that I will miss the busy-ness. I wonder if I will no longer be able to fill my days in the way I do now, when they are always punctuated by the school run. But then I figure - there will be time to do all of those other things - like going to London to frequent galleries and see a matinee of the ballet. Or having leisurely lunches with old friends. Or planting a flower bed. Something that is open-ended and has no time constraint.

I still spend an utterly disproportionate amount of time thinking about clothes and outfits and I do wonder about my own shallowness in this regard. Why does it matter so? But then I figure - it's a hobby for me - nothing more, nothing less.

I idly consider what I would say if my little business grew and grew and I became the next Josie Maran (but without the supermodel credentials). I ponder how I would do it all and whether that sort of work wouldn't feel quite like work as it would be beautifully self-serving?

I decide 'for' and 'against' arguments for repainting the picket fence round our house; my thinking is that  I quite like it weathered and tarnished. But then maybe not...

I consider if it will ever properly be summer in this country again.

I spend a lot of time checking my posture.

I get excited about future plans, about visiting family in Dubai in a few weeks and having old Uni friends to stay in June.

And some evenings, I watch an episode of 'Gossip Girl' and think about what it would be like to be fabulously wealthy and not yet 18. Pure escapism.

I try and stay really positive that one day I will be pain-free.

I feel lucky countless times in the day; for the good life I have.

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  1. Dear Lou
    So happy to read that you are going to Portugal again this Summer :)So will I. Please do let me know if you will travel to the north.

    I also think about clothes and outfits and it feels just great. Don´t worry about it. It is part of being a lady, isn´t it?

    Sending you positive thoughts, M xx

  2. So glad you had a quiet day. They are so necessary sometimes. Most of my days now have at least some quiet. I keep waiting for the time to come when I get bored and miss the busy-ness. But for now, I'm still busy. With good stuff that makes me happy. And I'm ever confident that I'd be able to fill the days even without the school run. That's a long way off, though. In the meantime, I'm enjoying every day. As it sounds like you are too. :-)

  3. I love days like this Lou ~ I had a similar day on Sunday and it was heaven. So many things to look forward to ~ summer will come my friend ~ I am sure of it. xoxo