Fall or walk on...

posted on: Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I am working on a monster, juggernaut of a project at work that is taking up every waking moment. The lack of balance right now is almost comedic; if I were a tight-rope walker I'd be in that wobble where you don't know if the walker is going to fall or hold it together and keep on walking. C'est moi, right now.

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We did however go away for a couple of days to the Isle of Wight (a small island off the south coast of England). I can see this island when I walk on the stretch of beach nearby and it's only a few miles of water that separate it from the mainland. Still, getting there on a boat and staying a day or two felt so much like a proper holiday, I can't tell you. We stayed right on the water (dream come true for me) and watched the boats go by as if watching birds flying by. I am not boat-y - people round here really are - and I have always shunned it due to a fairly terminal sea-sickness affliction. But seeing people on the water and watching the tide ebb and flow; it all worked for me like a little restorative kick. And...there was more sea glass than we knew what to do with.

This week we approach Boo's twelfth birthday - it's staggering it has been that long since she arrived. She is the coolest companion right now; her father's wit is manifesting itself and she is full of dry, smart commentary about life - from the eyes of a tween. One last year before teenage-hood... ;-)

My days are still punctuated by dog walks, school runs, yoga and appointments with specialists about the pain. A glint of hope on the horizon that a dentist I have seen not only gets what it is, but has suggested a possibly that might help. I have acknowledged that it is a multi-faceted thing and if I am ever to be free of it I have take a multi-faceted approach. I read things like this with real interest though as it suggests to me just how holistic a view one has to take to understand the effects of a stressful life.

Some really thought-provoking comments were left to my last post - I love how it becomes a debate when I type what is in my mind and people leave their view. Not once have I ever encountered a troll-esque response, even after years of blogging. I consider myself lucky for that as some of my thoughts are self-indulgent to say the least. It's good to know that we all have these periods of introspection and that they are necessary.

Things far on the horizon are starting to come into focus - back to Portugal this summer, where we will spend Christmas, planning a big house renovation next year. Working it all out...life has bumps but in all seriousness: life is good.

via cape cod collegiate


  1. I love this post. Clearly you're walking on and figuring it out, even as busy as you are. I'm with you on the sea-sickness affliction, although I do love the boats. Dramamine is my friend. And twelve! Wow. The years keep flying by...

  2. So glad that Boo is flourishing, that's lovely.

    Lots going on for you as ever Lou, some very good things from the sound of it. Fingers crossed for the dentist's new plan....XX

  3. Beautiful post, as usual...
    I´m thinking about going back to UK this summer and I´m really looking forward to it... and reading your posts takes me there...
    You´re so inspiring to me.
    Lots of love from Spain.

  4. glad you enjoyed the isle of wight! i live here (was born and raised here) and after spending 10 years in london and then moving back i appreciate it that much more. love reading your blog too x

  5. Loving the pictures. What a busy life you are leading. But you seem very positive which is great. I am off to Portugal on Saturday I cannot wait need a holiday so much it almost hurts.

  6. Such a beautiful post and pictures too xx

  7. A moving post. I think we all can relate to this. No matter what decision we make as mothers (ie to stay at home or go back to work), we seem to always question ourselves if the other solution would have been the better one. I know I do.