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posted on: Monday, 11 February 2013

So, I returned to work! It was...the same as ever! Partly that meant it was good; nice, known. Lovely to see colleagues and to know the rhythm. Lovely to speak to the friends I hadn't seen in six months - as some friendships, whilst strong, do not always infiltrate the everyday from work to home. Turns out my brain does still work and that I have remembered everything I knew. I do have an encyclopedic memory - maybe why this job suits me well. I have recall of pretty much every technical conversation I have ever had at work!

But the other side were those familiar feelings of having too much to do in one day. I have been so spoilt lately with time on my side. I remembered with alarming accuracy how little time there is when that large portion of your brain is taken up with a job. The children's homework seemed slightly tougher that night; I cooked their pasta dinner in my heels and coat as they were starving and we had  run late. I was staggered at how quickly the simple action of working again has disarmed me! I thought I was prepared. And most of all I sensed this shift of past tense - my sabbatical is now in my past and not my present. Not sure how to feel about that - so forgive me for not saying it all went swimmingly. It did; work was hard as I had remembered.

So - we had a weekend of down time in an attempt to get the balance back and today, a domestic time trying to get better prepared for this week's adventures. I so want this to work; I so want to keep hold of all the good I have achieved in recent months.

I can, I can, I can...


  1. I hope the swing and rhythm come back to you soon and that it can work for you. Beautiful pictures.

    Happy Monday

  2. Good luck with everything this week. I hope the rhythm kicks back in and you settle into the new 'old' routine again soon.

  3. Dear Lou

    I am happy to hear that your first working day was positive despite the sudden change and lack of time that it brought! I am afraid I know it too well and really understand what you wrote.
    Cooking in heels and probably worse than that realising that there is not much time left for your child at the end of the day is a feeling I know very well.
    Everything will work fine, you´ll see.

    Keep on smiling!
    Warm hug, Manuela

    P.S. Thank you for the lovely photos :)


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