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posted on: Monday, 7 January 2013

I have various feelings about getting older; firstly I like the surety it brings. I know my mind better. I don't however like that I see myself in pictures with lines on my face that never used to be there. I like that I know what suits me and I dress to please myself, not others. I don't like that I have to train so hard to keep the body shape that I used to have naturally and dare I say...effortlessly. I like the shared history of my husband and I ageing together; having been side by side since I was 18, he's seen twenty years of subtle changes in me; but I am still me. I don't like that my hair is greying - I will dye it forever. I do like that I see my Mum and how she has aged and she is still beautiful and stylish.

I regard with interest how women of my age look. Especially famous ones. Here are some contemporaries of mine, all born in 1974:

Amber Valetta

Victoria Beckham

Eva Mendes

Kate Moss

Amy Adams
Imagine any one of these women on the school run...they would earn surreptitious stares, for sure. Is it just me who finds the school run the ultimate head-to-toe check out between women? It's a fine art; in one glance we can clock every detail. This morning, for example, I noticed that many women were sporting Caribbean suntans - now they didn't have that as a feature at the old school...

Meanwhile comparing oneself to celebrities. This is what I call the 'Pinterest' effect. I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest (here is my page) lately - it's a veritable obsession - but all that perusing of beauty makes normal life seem drab by comparison. The messy house. The unkempt hair. The not-quite-right outfit. I realise that everyone on Pinterest is just that little bit more beautiful, preened, slim, something better than reality.

Still of this selection of '74 babies, I do take heart that they look naturally 38 (even Victoria Beckham, who has softened hasn't she?!). There are fine lines and a glimpses of the future, older face and that is what women my age should look like.


  1. Wow totally relate and have been dwelling on these thoughts a lot lately! I'm a '73 babe so this years the big one yikes! I'm trying to be sensible and grateful I'm healthy and loved but still I have pangs of wanting to look on the outside how I feel on the inside - shallow I know ;D

  2. Awesome. I was actually surprised by a couple of these - Eva Mendes is my age!? Amy Adams, too, has such a young face. Maybe because they often play characters younger than they really are. Anyway....I agree. These are gorgeous women who seem to be aging gracefully and naturally, and I'm happy to be 38 along with them and you.

  3. You've been reading your big sister Jeanne's blog, Collage of Life haven't you ?!!!! haha
    Age is a state of mind and, being one of your older readers ( 62 in a couple of weeks time ! Arrrrgh!!) one just does ones best to looking the best you can but to embrace the ageing process and accept it I guess.
    Obviously, celebrities live in a different world and have every advantage as far as looking good is concerned but, they age the same as the rest of us and the photos in magazines are not real life.
    I will try and forgive you for the photo of Victoria Beckham ....... I like you too much to fall out with you Lou !!!! haha. Living where I do, I used to see the Beckhams on a regular basis when they lived here and, now that they are returning to England we shall see more of them no doubt, ...... I shall say no more for fear of a law suit !! haha.
    Enjoy the decades to come Lou and worry not....... life is still good, even with a few wrinkles and a somewhat saggy jawline there is life in this old dog yet !!!! XXXX

  4. I am entering my 56th year and wonder how I got to this so fast, as I don't feel it at all. Like Jackie and Jeanne have stated, age is definitely a state of mind but the mirror definitely doesn't lie either...haha...I have a few wrinkles here and there and I'm not super thin like I was in my earlier years, but it's all about living the best healthiest life you can,enjoying every moment. I also feel that age is a privilege denied to many, so how lucky am I to be in that group! I live in the Los Angeles area and see many celebrities all the time, trust me - you'd be hard pressed to pick them out of a crowd from the regular every day woman as most of them aren't usually done up like in the photos. Have a fabulous week! xxoo

  5. Great idea for a post Lou :) You are in great company, I love Amber Valetta.

    Am amazed that VB is 38, how did that happen?!! And Amy Adams looks much younger, she has such great skin.

    Greying hair drives me crazy, I don't like my increasingly frequent trips to the hairdresser....but apart from that, getting older hasn't bothered me one bit - so far!!

    Off to find some celebrities born in the same year as me right now ;) XX

  6. The years seem to have flown past and I often look in the mirror and think 'really is that me?'. I too feel a confidence in being ME. Moving between various countries has also given me the position each time of being 'different' and I really like that (never thought I would though).

    There are certainly some beauties born in 1974. Now I'm off to see which famous ladies were born in my year!

  7. Bravo for 38! I now will celebrate 48 in April ~ did I just ADMIT that!! I see the lines on my face and embrace them ~ especially the laugh lines. A cow-worker told me last week that my laugh is contagious ~ it makes her smile ~ I love that!

  8. I do this too but you start to know you're getting old when the celebs do too (even with their options). I was amused when a friend said to me a few years back, on seeing my photos from a posh do. 'Wow' you look fabulous just like Helen Mirren. I still am not sure of the compliment given that Helen is about 20 years older. On comparing photos and wrinkles I think she was right. I decided to go with the fact that Helen has just not aged and looks amazing for her age!


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