'Live your life, live your life, live your life ...'

posted on: Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Those who don't spend time (days) online won't know the reality of stumbling across something that triggers a thought or spurs a viewpoint. Never before (despite years of devouring books and magazines) have I been so conscious of the thought-provoking quality of the web. I consume so much information with my daily checks: the blog, twitter, pinterest, instagram, facebook, not to mention old fashioned email and text.

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Today I read a blog; one I don't ever recall choosing to follow but which I do...where the depth of feeling was so visceral it literally grabbed hold of me. The first paragraph alone, a feat of words. I am always so impressed when any writer can capture the human condition in what appears to be effortless prose. Where the words simply spill. I know another writer who does this and again, her blog posts so often have the ability to render me slightly breathless. I am respectful of people who can write - it is such a skill. I will always be a girl who studied books.

Anyway, back the visceral blog - it linked to the New York Times and an interview with the man who wrote and illustrated 'Where the Wild Things Are' published in 1963. I recall this children's book in the same way as I recall 1970's decor and the 'brownness' of everything that seemed to permeate my early years. What was it with the 1970's and decorating with brown?!

So I found myself, alone on a Monday afternoon, shedding tears at what was said in this interview with Maurice Sendak - he speaks of the topic I spend a disproportionate amount of time considering: making the best of life. The advice is this: live your life, live your life, live your life. Listen to it; it's heart-wrenching important advice.


  1. this illustration is funny.
    Thank you for sharing two great blogs, I will like reading them


  2. What a wonderful post, Lou. I am saving the interview to watch at work tomorrow :)

  3. Wow Lou...what an amazing interview and man. Sat here in my running gear with tears rolling down my face! Such great advice and advice I plan on taking to my heart and carrying out in full. Will have a click over to that blog now too. Happy, happy new year my lovely friend!
    On another totally separate note I need to email you for some puppy advice if thats okay - the dog thing is going ahead. Fits right in with Live your life, live your life, live your life don't you think? xxx

  4. I saw when you pinned this and immediately watched and then proceeded to share on facebook. How beautiful, touching, real. Thanks so much for sharing it, and I adore the blog post as well. It's something I've been thinking a lot but haven't been able to articulate. I find that happens to me often.

  5. Love this; nodding and smiling. And am so touched by the link and yr kind words.

    And, AND - you can write. You DO write. You make things happen with words. xx


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