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posted on: Monday, 14 January 2013

Everything seems to be converging at the moment. Paula and I have been squirrelled away working on L'Apothecary; I know I have been talking about re branding for what seems like forever but it takes time. We are working with a designer who 'gets' me and comes up with these beautiful sheets of pretty designs. We tweak here and there; she comes back with more. I hope I am not a difficult client ;-) Sometimes having to articulate what you are all about is hard, even if you think you know yourself well. At times she looks at me as if I am slightly mad. I realise that I draw on so many references to express myself. Something I have read/seen/witnessed/heard about. The word 'eclectic' springs to mind! But it is really exciting.

For those of you who have bought my products, when we do relaunch you will see how far it has all come. From a kitchen table to a business, with a strong and decisive design ethos behind it. There are new products to come and so today was spent (in amongst the snow chaos outside) appreciating the aromas of grapefruit, lime and coconut. It more resembled a tropical isle than a snowy day and that's fine; that's what it is all about. Creating something that transports you forward.

Meanwhile I have started taking lessons in the Alexander Technique. Readers will know that I have struggled with jaw pain for a couple of years now and this method is one that a friend recommended to me. It's a leap of faith again, and it has in two lessons made me realise all the strange postural habits I have picked up along the way. It's no wonder my muscles hurts. Learning something like this is like turning a light into a dark corner; it reveals itself and suddenly you see.

It is a matter of weeks until I return to work after six months off. There is a degree of pragmatism in my reaction to this fact; I know it is time. I know I will therefore have three jobs - corporate one, L'Apothecary one and motherhood one. Is that too many?! I am willing to give it go...


  1. Wow, the L'Apothecary plans sound very exciting!!

    I'm surprised you've never tried the Alexander Technique before, I've heard lots of good things about it....fingers crossed XX

  2. I need to remember in my heart those 21 suggestions for success :)

  3. I am SO GLAD you are getting Alexander Technique lessons. This is the best news. They helped me so very much and I hope they help you too.

  4. A rebrand/relaunch is so exciting ~ I can't wait to see the changes you do.

    I wish you luck on this new technique ~ you have been living too long with the pain. xo

  5. Looking forward to seeing the L'Apothecary developments! All very exciting.

    So happy you have come across something to help with the pain...and do love the suggestion list.

    Take care, xxx D

  6. Hi Lou,
    It's brilliant to hear of your exciting plans for L'Apothcary.
    Hope the Alexander Technique works. To get rid of a constant pain will be a huge relief for you.
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x
    p.s The suggestion list is inspirational.


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