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posted on: Friday, 14 December 2012

There seem to be many threads that make up my life at the moment. As the first school term speeds to a high-octane, carol-singing end, I must admit I am blown away at how well our two children have settled. Not only settled, but found their feet, started to achieve, cemented friendships. I am always struck with parenthood that as each phase of watching them grow takes place, you think it is the best phase. That is until they start another and you see the best is yet to come. The awesomeness of this prospect is something I think a lot about and I love that there is so much hope and possibility ahead of us.

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I have been on sabbatical for four months now but I have started mentally preparing for my return in February. I am entirely OK with this; taking a career break is good for the soul. I can barely encapsulate all of the ways I have benefited from it. It's given me space in which to re-evaluate and to refocus. I can't say I am any less busy than when I was working - which is telling - it seems to me that my pace-of-life-dial is set at 'high', and rarely drops to idling.

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Getting ready for Christmas with time on my hands should be a treat. Mostly though, I am looking forward to next week when the children are home and we can chill and crucially not get up at 6.30am for the school bus and drop off. It's funny; I knew it would be this way with the early starts - we chose a school in the next county. BUT the early mornings are killing me (and them!) especially when combined with the cold and darkness in which England is cloaked.

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We've been working on the L'Apothecary re brand - and I can only liken it to a really fun shopping trip! Designing logos and packaging is something I love. Like shopping - you can choose the perfect outfit, but there are so many components it can be overwhelming. Shoes and a dress and a handbag and a hat and jewellery and so on.

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I need to take my time with this branding process however; we have a fabulous designer and she is very patient (thankfully) and it's an iterative process. I walk into most retailers now and scrutinise packaging and fonts and logos like some sort of deranged woman. It can be disheartening - how can a little niche brand, borne out of my whimsy even compete?!!? But I do strongly feel there is room for everyone in a marketplace - if you have integrity and create a good and useful product.

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Talking of products, thank you for leaving comments in my L'Apothecary giveaway - it seems we all have nuances of how to stay calm...

The winner of the Calmer Bath Oil giveaway is Talia! 

Calm for her = dog-walking, sister-chats and a hot bath!

Please email me your address Talia and some lovely Bath Oil will be making its way to you before Christmas!

Enjoy - relax - breathhhhh!


  1. Another lovely post complete with stunning photos!

    I am over the moon at having won your generous give a way!!

  2. Great post I love the pictures have a lovely weekend

  3. Good luck with the re-brand and yes...6.30am IS early, you poor things!

  4. Congrats to Talia! Getting on the bus in the dark is not fun and I speak from experience ~ I was going to say not that long ago but who am I kidding!! Enjoy every moment with those kids while they are off ~ which I know you will. Have fun with the re-brand. xo

  5. Yes, lovely pictures, they tell a story all of their own before you even read the words.

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