Keep calm...a lovely giveaway!

posted on: Monday, 10 December 2012

A few busy weeks of launching our new products for L'Apothecary; carefully packaging up orders for all over the world. I love the idea that oil blends of loveliness from here in Sussex wing their way to purchasers in far flung places. The wonder of the shrinking globe...

As you might know, we have started to make a lovely Bath Oil. We wanted to diversify beyond facial oils and so set sights on the bath. I am a complete bath lover so it was a a somewhat selfish pursuit!

Calmer Bath Oil has a beautiful rose and geranium infusion; very gentle and soothing. We called it 'calmer' as that is what it does; after a busy, stressy day, it is like a swath of calming milky softness. Blended to nourish the skin, with sweet almond oil and lavender.

I am giving away a 150ml bottle of Calmer Bath Oil. 
All you have to do is be a follower of this blog and leave a comment here with...
Especially relavent as this festive season ramps up...

For a double chance of winning, blog or tweet about this giveaway!

I will pick a winner on Thursday 13th December 2012.


Meanwhile all L'Apothecary products can be found here.


  1. I think it's always helpful to remember the big picture, to remember what is really important in the long run.

  2. Tea. A big pot of tea and a pretty teacup. Feet up, phone off and total quiet in the house.

  3. Give yourself a time out. If you feel things getting chaotic or out of control, take a step back and give yourself a moment to be quiet. You'll be able to focus on what's important.

    Oh I could so use a nice long hot bath right about now! I did something awful to my back, and I can barely move! All the new products look really lovely. Well done! I'm sorry my sister and mother decided not to exchange gifts this year. Now thinking will make a nice addition to birthday gifts.

  4. A long walk in the country with my dogs! followed by a relaxing bath obviously!!


  5. Hi Lou ,
    Well, I think that the best way to calm oneself down is to jump into a bath that has been infused with L'Apothecary Calmer Bath Oil with a large gin and tonic in one hand and a couple of squares of your favourite chocolate in the other !!!! What could be better ? XXXX

  6. Definately a relaxing bath with a book and glass of wine! I follow as mummy24 already


  7. I always end my evening with a nice relaxing bath and this oil sounds perfect! Count me in, I am a follower too! xxoo

  8. Reading your blog, and hoping to win a free sample of your magic oil.

  9. I am a bath lover too, I can't WAIT to buy a home soon so I can return to my bath loving ways! I was living in an apartment for a while, and now with the fiances parents. Didn't like the idea of a bath at my apartment, and the tub at the MIL/FIL is too small :/ I'm going to check out your line of stuff :) Xo, your newest follower, Margaret

  10. I do find lighting a candle putting on a favourite cd and having a glass of wine a great way to unwind this is usually preceded by a long bath and wearing my pj's

  11. Wow ~ how to keep calm especially at this time of the year. I think it would be: don't look at the big picture ~ it is too overwhelming and it could lead you to the nearest bridge where you want to just jump! Seriously though ~ I break things down into bite size pieces ~ delegate what you can (yeah right) and remember that the season is not about the things ~ the gifts ~ the food ~ the decorations.... it is about family and being together and that little baby that was born in a manger. If all else fails ~ grab your book and have a bath ! xo

  12. Just what I need right now! Early mornings with the puppy are taking their toll !!!

  13. I listen to music and take a long hot bath with essential oils to keep calm =) Lol seems like everyone has BATH on their minds!

  14. I am a fellow bath lover as well. A lovely stroll with my dog is always a stress reliever. Also, lunch with my sister ~ nothing but giggles, sure fire way to relieve all that ails you.

  15. Take a bath and journal! Best thing ever...would love to try this bath oil!

  16. Hello sweet girl from the other side of this wonderful world...

    It's another day we will sit round your farm table....Christmas stockings on the on....

    This yearI feel settled my beloved beach- like your beach, your coastline...your calms me...seeing my children in the waves calms me...

    I'm where you (and Simone) were last beautiful boy is finishing Primary School in 5 days...the emotions are high...when I get out of a bath, he hops in...calming....

    Happy Christmas preparation lovely friend from my other life...the other side of my English life...

    M xx

  17. Ps- love your Aussie model today! x

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