It's NOT all about me (or all I want for Christmas)...!

posted on: Tuesday, 4 December 2012

This happens every December. I spend so much time scouring the web for the perfect gift, that I inadvertently stumble across the things that I LOVE! A veritable feast of gorgeousness this year in the form of dresses and shoes. Oooops; this season is not about me. Repeat after me. It's not about me!  But just while we are here, and if Father Christmas were interested, this is what I would put on my list:

...for starters just to be this cool...via pretty stuff die for brogues via R&B

...the perfect lbd via aubin and wills run staple via me and em

...utility but lovely paperback bag via moop lipstick...

...still holding out for that maxmara cube coat...

...on these crisp winter days...a much needed serum ;-) via l'apothecary!

...gorgeous, oversized buxton scarf via louise dungate classics via design don't panic

...anything in this linen from cabbages and roses...

...heavenly heels via emerson fry
Phew...OK now I have got that out of my system! 
Here's hoping my husband stops by ;-)
Happy Tuesday! Lou x


  1. I may just forward this on to my husband too, I love it all ;)

    Please don't tell me that that is the LBD from Aubin & Wills that you have been lusting after FOREVER??!! It is SO you, please buy it. Now!!

    And I love those Louise Dungate scarves, SO gorgeous!!

    Happy December :) XX

  2. The first outfit is just perfect and I really like the paperbag

    Don't feel bad, all women are the same. I'm a disaster! I go shopping for my sister's Christmas gift and I end up buying the same I buy for her for me as well!!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Love everything Lou ...... a beautiful and chic style especially the first the bag, love Cabbages and Roses and have already got a pair of brogues. Red lipstick looks hideous on me so you can have mine if my husband buys one for me !! Who said that Christmas couldn't be about us as well ? !!
    ..... and, thanks so much for your lovely comment today ...... you always say such lovely things . XXXX

  4. Love everything on your list!
    In my head I look like the girl in the first picture - ha ha!
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x
    Ps. Goods arrived safely - very happy!

  5. Oh I have received my gorgeous smelling bath oil today and cannot wait to use it tonight. I have been decorating all day so a soothing and calming bath is just the remedy I need to sooth my aching shoulders. I love the new packaging.

    Thank you Lou xx


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