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posted on: Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I overslept this morning; in 'Home Alone' fashion, where the family wake up and have ten minutes to mobilise, I had that moment of disbelief when I focused on the clock. Can it really be 7.18am??! We have to leave at 7.30am. Anyway, in those precious 12 minutes I still managed to do my hair and put on some semblance of makeup. This makes me think: what on earth is the impetus to do that? What drives me to barely set foot out the door without something on my face? With brushed and pony-tailed hair.

This facade that I apply; it's not that it takes much time or even has that much effect (many would think I don't even wear make-up, it's that subtle) but the fact is I would never not do it. Something in me is hard-wired. I observe others who don't and wonder where the difference lies. When I have written about this before - these self-imposed base levels of how we present ourselves to others - a very wise friend of mine commented. She said (and this was in relation to clothes) that sometimes women just lose their way and they are not even sure they have until it's pointed out to them. I remember that resonating with me, as I think all of my efforts to stay 'together' visually (hair colouring, make-up, outfits) is to stop that 'loss' of oneself. I suppose it is also to do with getting older and not looking quite so fresh as when I was 25...

I think about ageing in a different way now, now that I have L'Apothecary. We spend time (a lot lately) researching and perfecting natural, chemical-free versions of products that claim to slow down the ageing process (new range ready in a matter of weeks I promise!) To me, looking young is not about ceasing to age; it's about looking the best you can for your age. This is all about skin. Having good, healthy, plumped skin is just about the main beauty wish I have.

The same wise friend, Simone who I speak of, has had a recent furore of activity on her blog. It stemmed from a rather scathing article written by a well-known journalist about blogging. That wise approach shines through in Simone's well-mannered response, where she outlines why she writes a blog. She is a voice for all of those who blog, so thank you Simone for putting our side so eloquently :-)


  1. It's funny...I ran out of the house this morning in a rather disheveled manner, but I did stop to put my hair up and put a swipe of lip gloss on. I don't think it's a matter of caring how other people see me, but rather feeling good about myself. It impacts how I feel heading into the day. I could certainly do more (oh my goodness I could!), but I guess everybody has their own minimum level of put-togetherness. :-)

    Simone's post was wonderful, and I am still somewhat shocked by Liz Jones's article. Even though I'm not able to keep it up as much, I am still as positive as ever about blogging.

  2. I must admit when I gave up work a number of years ago I promised I would not let myself go and wear track suits every day and not wear makup. Of course I do wear track suits and go makeup free but I do like to felled groomed in a more casual way because it makes me feel better.

    I had already read Simones article and I agreed so much with it. I blog for me and in many ways it is the scrapbook of my interests and experiences and I enjoy the comments from blogging friends from all over the world.

  3. I have joined the ranks of going out with no make-up ~ but I do need to do something with my hair ~ and I do think it is age. I will never forget the time that I moved into a new apartment ~ I needed a curtain rod and took off to get one ~ quick trip to the mall after a couple of hours of lugging, lifting and unpacking = sweating and not looking real pretty. I ran into an old friend who I had not seen in years and I thought to myself on the way home ~ she must think that I have let myself go and look like this all the time!! It's always those moments.

    Simone's response to the article was pure Simone ~ eloquent. I am afraid I may not have been as diplomatic if I was in her shoes but she rose to the occasion and I am so proud of her and the popularity of her blog.

  4. I so agree with you about Simone's article. I perhaps might not have been so diplomatic, so in fear of offending or starting a war I may not have had the guts to respond.
    As for the dashing out the house with make-up and hair done.........ditto xx

  5. Just discovered your beautiful blog! This is a really great quote, it's definitely getting pinned. Kate xo


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