I don't see why...

posted on: Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I don't see why I can't be exactly like I was when I was 20, just a wiser version (with more disposable income).

I don't see why people need to convince you of their point of view to feel that a conversation has been worthwhile.

I don't see why quirkiness is not a more admired characteristic.

I don't see why I used to be so slovenly when I did not own my own home (my teenage bedroom = bomb shell hit).

I don't see why I am quite so influenced by what I see. Visual input is by far the most important for me. Images and words.

I don't see why every morning when I wake, it is a surprise to me that the sleep time is over.

I don't see why my puppy/dog still chases every bird he sees - even though they can fly and he can't.

I don't see why dropped toast always has to land jam-side down.

I don't see why some people are luckier than others - or do we make our own luck?

I don't see what on earth I did before I owned an iPhone. Single most important thing. Keys and phone. With those I can leave the house: invincible.

I don't see why sometimes it feels like Christmas went from being a fun, cool time with my family to a retail-frenzied marathon. Need to watch 'Polar Express' and re-engage!

I don't see why high thread count sheets aren't made available by some wonderful, benevolent welfare state ;-) They promote well being. I jest; what a third world problem.

I don't see why I can't eat chocolate every day!


  1. Polar Express will be watched this weekend in our house, when the tree (or 2) will go up too. Love that movie.

    I don't see why my new puppy likes to chew on everything except his own toys!!!

  2. I very much admire quirkiness. Ah yes, sleep - it's never enough, is it? I like to believe we make our own luck, but then of course I must recognize that we are not all born on a level playing field. Yes definitely watch Polar Express - it will be on at our house this weekend. The Grinch will be up next! Let's stay ever-vigilant to keep the focus of the season on what makes it truly special - family, friends, and cookies!

    And why can't you eat chocolate every day?!? ;-)

  3. OK ~ I missed this earlier in the week and I love love love it!! Polar Express is a favourite here and we have no children ~ I must watch it again and soon. xo

  4. Really like your thoughts.. "I don't see why I can't eat chocolate every day!" I feel the same :)

    Love your blog!



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