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posted on: Friday, 19 October 2012

A week that was; one child on school holidays, the other, bizarrely not. Dog-sitting another pup. My Dad to stay. Husband who was European-city-hopping for work. A smattering of sunshine, then rain and more rain...

Whilst I am loving the pace of my life and the fact that the pressure is off, my mind does wander off to other things in amongst the seemingly endless driving to drop off and pick ups. Watching hockey practice on a Tuesday evening and I spend the time pondering what it would be like to jet off to an exotic beach for weeks. Or immerse myself in pure city life for a few days - just he and I and - dare I say - no kids?! I know this is how the pendulum swing works. I am all for family right now and have devoted myself utterly to my children's school schedules and evenings spent counselling through physics homework and such like. It's so very domestic and so very natural. But there is part of me, no matter how pleasing I find the home, that yearns for travel and mind-broadening. I never thought I had much wanderlust, but in recent weeks, it has raised its head.

This weekend is a family one though with friends Danish relatives flying in for my Mum's 70th birthday. My Mum is one of life's awesome people, so we will celebrate her and her 70 years!

Have a wonderful weekend...

...impossibly pretty...

...positively yearning for a city break...
via girlsack

photograph by elizabeth messina

via brown dress with white dots

...I don't know for sure, but I suspect my life might be complete if I had these shoes...from emerson fry pretty via patterson maker

kate winslet...photograph by miguel reveriego


  1. Advance happy birthday to your mom and have an awesome weekend filled with happy moments and warm family bonding. =)

  2. Dear Lou,
    I hate to tell you this but we are off to Rome on Sunday !!!! Being older has its perks sometimes ! Still, you have your mums birthday to enjoy which will be a wonderful family time. Many happy returns to your mum. Much love. XXXX

  3. I can remember how you feel but it's strange that we go full circle and now choose to take the kids (28 and 23) on holiday with us having just spent two weeks in Florida with them. It was wonderful to be together again as a family after they have left home. Have a great weekend with your Mum. Love the photo of the couple sharing the mac.

  4. Such beautiful pictures today. Love the thought of the Danish relations. I am slightly obsessed with Denmark, for no known reason. And a very happy birthday to your mum. x

  5. ooooh have a lovely want to go away too......hankering after NY!!

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  7. Love all the mini moments and beautiful snaps! One in particular... Watching hockey practice... All those years of sitting there watching never knowing in the future how much I would miss and cherish them... Have a great weekend!

  8. The passages of time seem to speed up as the years go by, I simply can't believe that my daughter is no longer still at school. Although sometimes the endless trips along country roads to collect her from sports events, pony club and hockey matches did, I confess sometimes seem like a chore, I now look back on with nostalgia.

    I hope your weekend birthday celebrations for your Mother are filled with warm memories and a sense of pride.


  9. Dear Lou,

    Happy Birthay to your Mother!
    Hope you will celebrate her birthday in good health and joy!
    Regarding your children, remember that one day they won't live with you anymore.. Enjoy the moments you have with them.
    I wish a lovely week and send you an Autumn hug, Manuela

  10. Enjoy your family time; sounds wonderful.

  11. Stort tillykke til din mor!:-) Hope you will both have a wonderful day.

  12. Enjoy your mother's 70th celebrations and family time. When I do not want to hear another 'Mama come here' "Mama I need this / that", I remind myself that it the years will fly past and then they wont be calling out every 5 minutes and I shall miss those calls. Yes we too are hectic with homework, basketball, judo, swimming, gymnastics drop off throughout the week, and even weekends feel busy these days with pumpkin patches to visit and halloween parties to enjoy. Happy weekend.

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mama Lou!! You are allowed to think of jetting away for a few days for some adult time ~ that does not make you a bad person or a bed mother. Hugs for a beautiful week-end surrounded by family and friends. xo

  14. Sounds like a lovely week-end, enjoy!! Xx