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posted on: Saturday, 13 October 2012

School pick-up newest of new Mummy. I adopt the smile-at-everyone-approach in the hope that it works. Or alternatively, I end up looking like some insane smiling lady.

Outfit choices; mastering the daily dress. Living in a temperate climate means that the vast majority of times jeans are the item of choice. Trying to break the habit. Loving brogues and grey cardigans.

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Watching Boo fly in what she does, even if there are hurdles to leap (and my goodness, there are).

Enjoying my son's unadulterated excitement at the reveiving an award at his new school. Remembering how when you are seven, going the head master's office to shake his hand and be given an award is shake-making, scary and fun all rolled into one.


Trusting my instincts and going with a graphic designer who has so come up with goods on the the business rebrand. I am loving the design process; I was born for aesthetics.

Thinking I know someone well and then not really knowing them at all. Disconcerting.

Yoga stretches. Wishing I was Tara Stiles. Downward Dog.

...tara stiles...
Trying to stay away from the need to acquire lovely, new, white, prohibitaively expensive, high-thread-count bed linen. I read that you are truly middle class if you know the thread count of your sheets. Ditto if your house is painted in Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin (mine is). Discuss.


Missing my oldest friends. I had to miss a recent University reunion and I fear, I will always regret that I did.

Waiting impatiently for the next episode of Homeland.

I am what I am.


  1. Lovely, thought-provoking post as always Lou.I love that last quote xx

  2. Hello Lou

    It means you have good taste if you have F & B slipper satin.

    I also love the last image with such sage advice


  3. I guess I am middle class when it comes to sheets! Have fun with your rebrand and keep smiling ~ it will make them wonder what you are up to!

    1. Yes, me too, well you spend approx half your life in bed, it might as well be between the best sheets you can afford to buy.

  4. Dear Lou

    Thank you for the infomation about F&B slipper satin. I will probably order some painting from them. It looks wonderful!!!!
    Have a great week ahead! xx Manuela

  5. All of these apply. Well except graphic design - I'll leave the aesthetics to you! My 20th high school reunion was this weekend, and I didn't go. I saw many pictures via Facebook and I was sad that I couldn't make it. I don't keep in close touch with many high school friends, but it would've been interesting to reconnect. I am anxiously awaiting Christmas - Homeland Season 1 is on top of my list. Your first statement made me laugh - that is SO me! Smiling, smiling, trying to remember names, nervously introducing myself when the opportunity arises. It's exhausting!

  6. I am laughing I have a sample of farrow & ball slipper satin on my wall and was just ready to purchase. Should I? I do know the thread count of my sheets also. It is a funny old world.

  7. Hi Lou,
    I'm afraid that I don't know the thread count of our bed linen or if they are Egyptian cotton ( I think that they are) ....... all I know is that they are all white and all of our house has been painted in Farrow and Ball for many years , half of which is newly painted Slipper Satin and, our son and daughter-in-law and our daughter and boyfriends home are Slipper Satin too !!!!
    Lovely to hear that your children are settling into their new schools and I went to my years 50th reunion ( it was 50 years since we all walked through the school gates as nervous 11 year olds !!). How scary is that ?!! XXXX

  8. I cannot WAIT to see this deisgn rebrand of yours. What an incredible process and chapter this must be for you, Lou! xoxo


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