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posted on: Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rewind to last winter; a time that has informed so much of how my life now is. It's funny isn't it, how you look back on certain times in life and realise just how influential they were? So the story goes - last winter my husband abruptly lost his job. Two days after Christmas we found ourselves in a very different landscape. Once the dust settles on a life change like that, a quick and timely evaluation has to take place, of money and of life. A testament to how he and I are opposites; I felt that we should invoke strict austerity measures and save every penny we could. He the exact opposite; we were to make sensible assessments but to all intents and purposes: carry on as normal. After all, things were going to be fine...ever the optimist.

So what is the relevance of all of this to oil? At that time I was one of those women who frequented Space NK - buying luxe beauty products. It so happened that one such product, a facial serum, had run out and of course I couldn't very well replace it, given our precarious circumstances.

So I got to thinking - what is in that serum? I researched, approached wholesalers and generally immersed myself in what these wonderful products were actually made from. I found that the natural ingredients were one thing; quite another were the number of parabens and chemicals that accompanied the natural elements.

Concentrating on natural and essential oils, I made myself a bottle of oil with what were my favourite ingredients, purely for my own use. I recall the weather was bitterly cold last winter and the 'original' oil became my fail-safe. Any chapped skin on anyone in the family (even my eczema-suffering son) was banished with 'Mummy's magic oil'. I was staggered at how well it worked. How good it smelled. How it seemed to serve the same purpose as any of those other products I had been buying before, but in fact was better. The reason: I knew what was in it. It was 100% natural. It worked.

Fast forward a few months, when chatting to my lovely sister in law, she suggested I try making a batch of it, sell a few bottles. After all - wouldn't others be interested in such a pure, natural, effective product? Didn't I already have a blog readership who might be interested?

Cue: Light bulb moment. Lou's Apothecary...

In a few short months production ramped up, I developed a handful of different blends using ingredients that meant something and crucially were proven to work on the skin. I developed an online route-to-market (thank you to my tireless, web-designing Dad) and was ready to launch on May 1st. Who'd have thought??

The oil did its work this summer. Sun-kissed shoulders soothed by blends of rosemary and sage. And spookily I found - after years when I have developed darker pigment patches from the sun, this year I have not. The oil has evened my skin tone and reduced scarring in a way I hadn't anticipated.

For me, the oil works. But as well as that, creating the oils has worked; it's been a journey and I have now been able to look back and see how that impetus of challenging my normal circumstances led to the development of something that I wouldn't have otherwise considered.

I like that there is this story to tell, as for me, as a purchaser, it is integrity that I look for in a product and a brand...not to mention a strong testimonial that it works!

L'Apothecary Oils can be purchased on our website...

Click here: L'Apothecary

Simple is beautiful.


  1. You must be so proud of yourself's an amazing story - which you make sound very simple! I can't wait to see more products from you :) Well done you Xx

  2. so inspiration....and they smell good!!

  3. I LOVE this story. You are my inspiration, and I am sure lots of other women look at you in awe, admiring your for what you have achieved in such a short time. Dxx

  4. Dear Lou

    Lovely post!I like my oil very much!:)
    Have a great weekend. M xx

  5. I really Like this story. so nice and amazing.

  6. Really great story thanks for this post Ballerina flats


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