Bordering on blog neglect....

posted on: Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Usually when I am away, I organise guest posts for my blog or have draft posts ready and am oh-so-organised before my travels. This year, organisation didn't really feature as I was so excited to be away from it all,  I felt like the world would stop spinning if I didn't just pack bags and board a plane without a backwards glance.

Still away now, but with some relaxation behind me and crucially wifi at the lovely hotel we are staying at. My brain has emptied out, rendering even simple decisions like 'what shall we eat?' almost challenging. Now, it is gradually starting to refill with ideas and plans; reality is starting to seep back in. This summer ritual has become like rehab for me; time to do nothing and be nothing. Yet I notice that with the location-change to a beach house hotel, everything is broadening, much like the ocean before me. We mused that if you sailed from here you wouldn't hit land for an awfully long time; the awesomeness of the Atlantic is what I contemplate each morning. What I would give to live by the water all the time. Even sleeping in my bed with the ocean only a matter of metres away gives me a soothing sense that anything is possible.

There will be challenges when I get home - this autumn is shaping up to be an interesting one - peppered with the kind of change and adjustment that we all know I struggle with. But even so, I notice that my mind is lit with sparks of thoughts...

How will I break into the beauty industry, with all of its cliques and quirks that are new to me?

How will I best use my time to split between mother, wife, work, business?

How will I stop the drain of positivity that comes with relentless busy-ness?

How will I feel about the quickening of time, such that my 39th birthday will start to near on the horizon?

How do I react to the overwhelming urge I have to paint every room in my house white and throw away half of my possessions? I long for simplicity... ;-)

How will it all be? Oh for a crystal ball...

See you in a bit - I will be back and I promise I will not neglect this little blog so much!


  1. Try to take care of yourself first! Nice to visit your wonderful blog!
    Greetings from Greece,

  2. Hope you're having a wonderful time!

    I have given No thought Whatsoever to home, autumn, the future....I brought a new notebook & new pencils with me just f or that purpose & the pages are blank.... I need to get to work :) loved reading this post Xx

  3. Sounds heavenly there...take it easy xoxo

  4. No need to give us a second thought ~ we know you are away and that you will be back ~ continue having a glorious time Lou.

  5. Dear Lou

    Relax!!!! Enjoy the white sand beaches and the beauty of the ocean.

    Warm hug, Manuela

  6. Hi Lou,
    I think after starting your business, you deserve a little 'you' time.
    Everything will be waiting for you when you return.
    Hope you have a lovely rest of your holiday,

  7. I think re-charging is just as important as planning/action. Sometimes in the stillness of doing nothing comes your best ideas. Continue to enjoy your holiday knowing each minute you are doing nothing you are actually nurturing your soul :-)


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