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posted on: Monday, 16 July 2012

Woooahh...emotional overload! These past weeks have been swollen with sentimentality. The lead-up to the end of my childrens' school term was potent with heavy-hearted thoughts of how their childhood is seeping away. I was acutely aware that it was one of those times that I will look back on and wonder why I got quite so sad, given that life is meant to work this way. We are all meant to move on, start fresh, better ourselves, take the challenge.

And so here we are; 'tis done and already I am feeling more steady as the summer holidays stretch out ahead of us. I am going to use the time to mull some stuff over. Then later in August, when on holiday with our good buddies, I am going to use the sun lounger time to de-brief, unload, get rid of all of these worries that have been chasing me. Ready to start September with a clean slate. That's the plan anyway!

I guess the lesson is that life does this; forces change so that we will react. No matter how many of my years advance (mantra: I am still not 40, I am still not 40!) I am surprised by my lack of skills in handling change. You'd think I'd be better at it by now.

This week is decompression time; sleeping in and late lunches. Countryside walks. We might even brave the beach in all its rainy, windy glory. I will try not to curse the British weather every day, although to call it a preoccupation would be an understatement.

Lovely L'Apothecary continues a pace; it really is like watching a child grow. We have to take a planning hiatus over the summer but come Autumn, we will be ready to focus on the next stage. It's all about packaging and retail and brand essence!! Here we come...

Ohh Olivia P...via online stylist

...books are all...

via one wed

looks so enticing....but only if it stops every now and then....via dust jacket attic

via cabbages and roses

...oh, I so want to holiday in somewhere like Nantucket...

via cape cod collegiate

via dust jacket attic

via canelle et vanille

I will be dropping in when I can...
take the very best care!
Lou xxx


  1. Have a wonderful and restful Summer - you certainly deserve it!
    Paula xxx

  2. Have a beautiful restful time...I really really wish it would be sunny and warm for you.xoxo
    ps thank you so much for the links

  3. Lovely photos Lou ~ relax, de-stress and just enjoy this week. Will try and send some sunshine across the pond to you! xo

  4. Beautiful! Good luck embracing the change and I hope you have a fabulous and relaxing holiday. :-) Mary

  5. Dear Lou
    How I recognise what you feel....and, as you, I try to tell myself that life is just like that....
    Try to rest your soul, "think less, live more"... I know it´s easier said than done but try to find something joyful every single day that helps you move on and smile...
    Enjoy a lovely Summer. Warm hug, M.

  6. Love the bridesmaids! Try and clear your head on that day at the beach. It seems to me as if you are on the right way. All will be fine... Dxx

  7. "Think less. Live more."
    Why is it that sometimes we read something so simple, so obvious, and it almost shocks us?
    I'm going to put that pic on my phone wallpaper to try and remind myself.

    Love your plan to have a fresh start in September...

  8. Nice books. I would love to have those on my living room and i'd put a vase on top of it. Are those real books? Did you do those yourself?

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my new post:)

    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at


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