Sussex days...

posted on: Friday, 6 July 2012

The sun came out for an afternoon so I found my garden transformed; flowers stood straight and were not bedraggled by wind and rain! A few images here of my views; field and washing line, lavender and poppy.

The very thing I always hope to embrace but actually shirk from is surrounding me at the moment - life is all change! I'm trying very hard to just go with it, but every ounce of my being is pushing against this march of time. We approach the last week of school next week, still embroiled in school plays and leaving events, peppered with expectant visits to the new schools which will become part of our lives come September.

As for L'Apothecary, we are testing out new, natural active ingredients for our oils, developing an enhanced product range and delving into the world of bath oils. I must say that testing these new formulations is one of the parts of this burgeoning business that I love the best. We are also working on branding; this conceptual essence that seems to be the elixir of life for beauty products.
What does my brand say about me? 

I look at these images and wonder what they say about Lou? Natural, home-loving, sentimental and simple spring to mind...

...lavender love seat...

...wild poppies and old brick...

...courgette cultivation in the field... and stripes...

...please shut the gate...

...the puppy was one year old last week...

...batches of L'Apothecary oil loveliness...

...windy beach days... days ending...

...orders to send...

...climbing roses...


  1. The pictures you have taken are so refreshing! Do you make those oils? I love the pink and purple shades of the flowers.

  2. oh what utterly gorgeous pictures....for a moment it feels like summer....and then I look back out the window.....hey-ho!!

  3. Wonderful images! Apart from having my own fabulous business (I WISH!!!) they pretty much sum up my own time at the moment - fields, lavender, end of school, new school for some, (2 year old) puppy, beach walks - busy, busy, busy!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Paula x

  4. Wonderful lavender!Have a great weekend,
    Hugs, daniela

  5. Beautiful pictures. Love the lavender, and fields, and windy it all. I know exactly what you mean about being uncomfortable in this season of change. I'm going through it as well, and I'm a bit freaked out as a result. It's like a carry just a little extra stress in my shoulders at times, preparing for what's next. Deep breaths. We'll be alright. :-) Looking forward to seeing what's next for L'Apothecary!

  6. These are beautiful pictures - so soothing and summery.

    Life is all change but I am embracing it for now, even though it feels weird.

  7. Beautiful inspiration Lou; I can see how these shots come together to signify your brand it is so very lovely! Its exciting to see how L'Apothercary is evolving + the new bath products sound wonderful xx

  8. Living a simple life and loving pretty things ~ I love when you use your own photos! Happy days ~ hugs to you. xo


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