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posted on: Sunday, 1 July 2012

A week of missing the signs. I confess I have succumbed to a sucker punch; I recently wrote this and in self-satisfaction remarked how I had learned that my response to stress is to slow down, take stock. Yet a few short weeks pass and I find myself positively swimming in stress, angst and worry, in fact aching with it (the pain is back). And instead of recognising the unwelcome visitor and sending him away, I invited him in. Foolish girl that I am.

So here we are...I have let everything build up and I feel this simmering frustration that I have allowed myself to get here again. This is a deja vu summer. Hmmm, do we really live and learn?

I conclude that this school term is always the busiest, and this year it is on steroids as I prepare for both of my children to leave their current school. Laden with poignancy as if their very childhood will come to an abrupt end on July 13th, I have to stop and remind myself that, of course, it won't. And in amongst that, the small matter of a corporate job and a new business to run. No wonder really. When the routine of the school term ceases, I can hardly imagine the free-fall of the holidays. No school run, no events, no assemblies, no plays, no sports fixtures. I recognise that I am assigning disproportionate importance to things, allowing sentimentality and emotion to blur the real picture.

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I find though, that during times of sentimentality and angst, the ones that come to my rescue are in fact the school mums. They are a breed in their own right; wise, caring, vital women who soothe and provoke action at the same time. They are the equivalent of a warm bath followed by a cold shower, they leave me with a feeling of newness when they swoop in and fix the problem. There is something so comforting in knowing they have my back!

And so I re-group again. Regular readers: do you spot a theme? Get busy, get stressed, slow down; lather, rinse, repeat!

I do wonder sometimes, now this blog is matched with L'Apothecary, whether I should still pour my heart out, or whether I should be full of beauty and business insight; writing of the wonder of entrepreneurism? I conclude, the blog existed long before the business and it must be written with truth and integrity. So this is the truth. For me, as I step through these coming weeks, it will be sleep, good food, coffee with the school mums, cuddles with the Boos, reading books and deep breaths that will get me through to the summer holidays. Roll on, roll on... ;-)


  1. Oh my very best to you dear Lou, it's so wonderful that you have a great group of women who are there for you.
    hugs xxx

  2. We started the summer vacation here 2 weeks ago and oh what a relief to press pause on all the end of year stuff. It was all so much fun, but just so much! My son has had two weeks of sport camps and have a ball, so the days of lazy mornngs are beginng this week for us all and so needed.
    At least you now know when the stress is building up and can try to take a deep breath and get a hold. Hold on in there for the next 2 weeks and then you'll feel the pressure lift a little I'm sure and then you can enjoy the summer with the children.

  3. So glad that you decided to keep it real Lou but not happy to hear that you are under so much stress and your pain is back! Please do take care of yourself and do remember to breathe.... adore that last shot of Jackie and Caroline. xo

  4. Dear Lou,

    So sorry to hear your pain is back. Don´t let the stress take over. Try to stay calm and take care. Happy to hear that you have the school mums around, who can help you.
    Are you travelling to Portugal this Summer?
    Blowing a kiss your way, Manuela

  5. Hi Lou - Oh it's so true, isn't it? Balance isn't something we find and can hold onto forever. It is something we must continuously work at. We go along, and when we realize we're off kilter again, we must make the adjustments to get back to where we want and need to be. Seems frustrating sometimes that it must always be such an effort, doesn't it? But at least we have gotten better at recognizing it!

  6. Oh don't stop pouring your heart out! It's so beautiful and real!

    Ladaisi Blog
    Ladaisi Etsy

  7. Sounds so familiar and I was nodding along here in silence whilst reading this post! sorry to hear the pain is back my lovely, hopefully you can do something to ensure the stress doesn't overtake but my are you doing a LOT of juggling at the moment! And no...don't ever stop pouring your heart out here...your business will grow because of you. And this blog IS you! lots of love xxx


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