It's Friday...

posted on: Friday, 27 July 2012

A week of working; harder than I have for a while as a project has gathered full pace. There is something I like about being in a live project-mode; it's all about milestones and the critical path, these things make me sense forward motion and forward motion is good.

My children have been in a summer camp all week, kayaking most days on a lake and generally doing what kids should do in the summer. The weather has obliged with glorious sunny days, like that I remember of my childhood when it felt like in summer we had proper summer weather.

There is a little countdown in my head to when we will go away on holiday. The prospect of having no obligations for a few weeks is my waking thought most days. I do wonder how I got so over-committed?!

Of course tonight is all about the Olympic ceremony; patriotic pride is high and I am intrigued to see what my country-men have come up with to represent all things British.

Otherwise a weekend of minutiae; hopefully the beach, seeing friends, maximising time...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this image...via oceanic island

via oceanic island

...beautiful beautiful Marilyn...

via country living

via stuff i like

 Have a wonderful weekend - thank goodness it's Friday!


  1. Sounds like a great start to the summer for your children. Long may the good weather continue!
    So excited for London today. Waiting for the ceremony to begin from over here in the US at lunctime. Go London.

  2. Sometimes I find myself doing more the more I do. Sounds like you are in exactly that place at the moment.

  3. Love that last shot...have a beautiful weekend, very exciting with the Games!

  4. Gorgeous images as always Lou.
    And what an Olympic spectacular took place! The whole world is still speaking about it. The Brits really know how to pull out all the stops. Just wish I was there :-(

  5. Love that piece by Elizabeth Berg ~ it really spoke to me Louise. Loved the opening ceremonies ~ bravo to the Brits ~ well done! Hope you had a great week-end. xo

  6. That Elizabeth Berg quote is one of my favorites, and yes I absolutely love watching the Olympics. I can imagine the pride you must feel watching them from your home country, and how cool to be able to experience some of the events live! I hope you have an amazing and relaxing holiday full of warm sunshine, cool water, and refreshing wine!


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