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posted on: Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I keep reading articles in Sunday papers about 'country life', specifically about moving out of the city and into the country. Now I have been a country girl all my life; for me the city has always been a place I have visited and never lived in. As a child a day trip to London meant the National Gallery or Harrods, taking in the bustle and then returning home watching the buildings fade into fields as the train sped along.

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I find these articles of country life slightly amusing, as they describe village life and 'the country wardrobe' always alluding to ways there can be a 'nod to fashion' in amongst practical mud-strewn clothes. Now I am fully ensconced in my country life. My farmhouse is surrounded by fields, I curse the summer traffic when city dwellers descend and hit the beach. The puppy is more used to walking off the lead than on. My children can tell the difference between hawthorn and cow parsley. Likewise flint stone and chalk. I watch the weather all the time; it has a direct bearing on life in a way I can only presume it doesn't in the city. I have a stereotype of city life that it means being inside more - is that true? I buy vegetables in season and frequent farm stores. I wear wellies most days. Cut roses from my garden adorn table-tops and shelves in my house. Up until the flood, I drove and dare I say needed a 4x4 (oh how I miss my car - will it ever be fixed??!)

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I do wonder though, what is this country life? Am I missing out? Does my reluctance to try the city version of life mean I am not brave? Sometimes it feels like the country life is all too easy and the lure of city life its exuberance and energy? Not that the opportunity to reverse things is presenting itself but it's something just to wonder about, isn't it?!

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  1. Ha ha ha - I had to laugh at this wonderful post! As a recent ex-Londoner and now a countryside dweller, I too find these articles absolutely fascinating and highly amusing at the same time. I must admit, I think that when I first moved to Norfolk 3 years ago, I probably fell into the typical 'Sunday Times Style' rose tinted spectacles category of countryside living. I had an idyllic vision of how my new 'Darling Buds' life would pan out, together with an itemised wardrobe of what my 'country look' would be when I hit the village! I can only cringe at my naivety, three years down the line. I wear the same wellingtons day in day out, and it is a wrench to take them off even when the sun shines. The tweed skirts (yes - part of 'THE LOOK'!) haven't ever seen the light of day, as I exist in jeans alone (one has even found it's way into the dogs basket...). Most amazingly, I have learned to appreciate mud - in all of it's glorious consistencies and colours and I talk incessantly about the weather. Saying that, I'm sure that to most born and bred country folk I still need a few more years of 'rough edging', and I do occasionally dream of perfecting the 'Land Girl' look!
    Paula x
    p.s. Your version of country life sounds perfect!

  2. I love what you have to say - and Paula too :)

    And dare I say it, I think you are exactly where you are meant to be we all are!!

    Country life can be as fraught and eventful as "city life", whatever city life is - or so it seems to me, I guess it's all about perception really isn't it?

    Bloom where you are planted I say :) XX

  3. Hello sweet country girl-

    This made me smile...think...and smile some more as I've just now (6 months down the track) become *used* to living in a city again in Sydney after our 4 years in the countryside in England...

    life- I guess Simone is right- bloom where you are planted...but with some seriously fabulous travels and life elsewhere in between!

    Hugs to you in your wellies- my Hunters have been getting a work out on wet days here this winter!

    Melissa x

  4. what I like most in the city is the anonimity!!

  5. hah! Love this! This is wonderful!

  6. I can relate to this post! I grew up in the country and love currently living in a city but I do miss the green fields...the cows in the field next door...having sheep wander into the garden...the sound of chickens waking me up in the morning! I hope to move out of the city in a few years and back to country life :)


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