What are you going to do with this beautiful life?

posted on: Tuesday, 19 June 2012

There is always a fine and natural tension when blogging, between presenting the perfect world on one hand, and being on a downer on the other. I figure people want to read what is somewhere level-set between the two. There is no perfect world; but in blog-land there are many that come close! I see bloggers living in all corners of the world, writing about their days and I regard them with awe. They are taking time to answer the all-important question: 'what are you going to do with this beautiful life?'

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Shouldn't we be thinking every day - what am I doing with this beautiful life?! Shouldn't that be our call to arms each morning? Yet somehow, no matter what, there is what I can only describe as 'seepage'! The corners of the beautiful picture of life get frayed, the colour washes out, the vividness ebbs away and life becomes less...beautiful.

I think a lot about this. I ponder what it is about modern life that takes us away from what is important.
For me, the answer lies in being present. In slowing the pace to a point where I notice things more. It's about paring it back, getting rid of the clutter, eating well, listening, selecting what you participate in.

It's the same with the business. Paula and I (well Paula, mainly!) spend hours researching the skincare industry and its products. For us to find our place in it, for us to compete, but most importantly because this knowledge and insight is what informs our decisions about what we are and what products we make. I have been staggered by the chemicals and additives that are used in products that we all know of and revere.

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We keep coming back to the pared-back nature of our own products; we are not ashamed of them. They work and we know that's because they are based on fine, ancient ingredients that are pure and natural. We find we are often considering an alternative ingredient and we say, almost in unison: 'that's not what we are.' We are learning what we are; it's a conscious and deliberate process that I think is vital to the development of any dream. You have to stay true, despite the adversity. Don't allow the seepage!

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  1. i've been asking myself this more than once a day, especially since getting sick and my life completely changing.


  2. Gosh Lou, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog - not only is it ALWAYS beautiful, but Lordy do you get me thinking and the old brain ticking! I always seem to come away in a self examining mood - and I mean that as a total and utter compliment by the way. The life questions that you often pose to yourself, frequently manage to help me clear away my own cobwebs - even those that I didn't know I had!!
    Paula xxx

  3. lou i love this post! i find myself thinking/answering this question nearly every day! especially since starting a blog. i feel like a notice so much more. and feel like i know how i want to spend this beautiful life much more than if i hadn't started blogging.
    there are a few things i would change about my life if i could (starting with not living in cardiff ever again haha) but i think patience also has to come into the equation. i miss spending the day to day with my family - going shopping with my mum, going to see ski movies with my dad. but i know that when i am living back home for good, i will treasure these days so much. days of pure independence (mostly).
    love your posts lou :) xx

  4. Lou,
    As always a lovely thought provoking post.
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  5. I totally agree with Sophie. I do think about this all the time, especially since I started blogging. I don't always want to portray the sunny side of life on my blog in a way that feels dishonest, but I do use it to focus my attention on all the beautiful things in life. I find I am motivated by my blog as well as all my blogging friends - including you of course - who are all striving to live their best lives. I've even learned how to beat back those pesky comparisons and avoid those blogs that are a little too perfect to be real. As always, you've got me thinking.

    As an aside, I got a wee bit red at the beach this weekend, and I do agree that the oil feels splendid after a sunny day! I've already decided that my mom and sisters will be getting bottles in their stockings this Christmas!

  6. Lou how I've missed you and your beautiful blog!! I am back (sort of) and will be taking the summer off from work to have baby! He is due in a week, and I am looking forward to reconnecting to your blog. It always gives me the right perspective and inspiration when I need it most.

    xo Marcie

  7. I have lived 66 years of my beautiful life here on earth. I already have 2 beautiful daughters and 2 gorgeous grandsons. I intend to live my life focused on them and God. I am also a very creative person and I have been creating many things for them to be reminders of carrying on our family traditions and recipes.
    I have been keeping a blog also. I think that it might be fun for them to read through it in the future and find out so many inner secrets of mom and grandma. I would have loved to have this from my grandma and mom.

    Thank you so much for the post and the question.

  8. Wow! what a question Lou. I guess I will try and enjoy the journey, with all it's pit-stops, stop and smell the roses and not obsess about the destination. ;-)

  9. Wow she's so beautiful! Wearing that old fashioned clothes makes her more gorgeous. I love you!

  10. ... Great post ....
    Best regards

  11. beautiful post! i too struggle with posting the bad days as well as the good but I believe it's important to stay honest.


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