My Britain...and a blog giveaway!!!

posted on: Monday, 4 June 2012

Watching the Queen's Jubilee celebrations on television I felt proud and heart-swollen at the patriotism of the British people. The absolute Britishness of the whole event; in the rain! The sodden choir on the Thames who somehow managed to gracefully continue, despite howling gale and soaked hair. It made me smile and cry in equal measure!

...our Queen...
So much of this weekend's focus will be on London; rightly so, for it is our nation's capital and exudes everything Royal and British. But for me, 'Britishness' can be found in the hedgerows of my own corner of Sussex.

Everyday I walk the fields where I live, past hedgerows of Cowparsley and Hawthorn. I breathe in the scent of wild sage. I see the South Downs in the distance, chequered patchwork fields of yellow rape seed, stitched together with tree-lined borders of green. It represents everything about this country that I love. That's why I created the L'Apothecary 'British Blend' oil; a homage to my British hedgerows, packed to full of natural, wild loveliness...

...L'Apothecary 'British Blend'...inspired by the hedgerows of Britain...
Formulated with Rose hip oil which is a botanical POWERHOUSE of goodness that soothes the skin, whilst restoring radiance. Rose hip oil contains 77% fatty acids; ready to plump the skin.
All natural, all pure.

...lavender love...

...the corn fields where I live...

...favourite cowparsley..

...wild sage... hide away...
For a chance of sampling my Britain, I will GIVEAWAY a sample of 'British Blend' Facial Oil to ONE follower of this blog 'Lou, Boos and Shoes', who leaves a comment before the end of this Jubilee weekend (Tuesday night!). 

Open to all - we ship worldwide!

Or alternatively visit the shop at L'APOTHECARY to see the whole range...

'British Blend' via L'Apothecary


  1. What a lovely giveaway, please count me in.
    I also found my heart swelling at those amazing singers, though I'm worried about their voices, I do hope they had lemsips and toddys waiting for them!
    It was a wonderful day, and the sun is shining again. Perfect. J x

  2. that's really exciting! thanks!

  3. I love watching the jubilee celebrations Lou ~ the rain yesterday was just so British wasn't it!! Can't wait to see the concert tonight. You know I would love some of that British Blend and then I can get my British on. xo

  4. I would love to try one of you precious oils. Thanks for the opportunity with this giveaway,. The bottle is really lovely.

  5. Ooh I would love to enter the giveaway. It was lovely to see the photos that inspired the blend. I can almost smell the sweet sage from here. Jolene

  6. Great giveaway :) looks lovely, please count me in
    Aimee x

  7. Just bought this one, but count me in. You can never get too much of a good thing:-)

  8. I would love to try the British Blend. Thank you so much for the chance to win this giveaway.

  9. I can attest to this one Lou....I use it every night and I love. A wonderful scent...very calming. :)

    Jeanne xx

  10. I'm a Brit living in Spain and feeling really homesick missing all the Jubilee fun. This Giveaway would really pep me up. I'm already a follower.
    p.s A Giveaway also over at mine coincidentally ;-)

  11. I am in America but will always remember the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth back in the 1950's. The Royal family has always been of importance to me and they hold a special place in my heart.


  12. What a lovely give-a-way! Please count me in! What a festive time for all of you!

  13. lovely giveaway, please include me!


  14. I found your thought-provoking blog via Mary Loves, but live just across the border in Tunbridge Wells so the hedgerows that you know and love are close to me too. A sample of your new venture would be a treat, so please add me to your lucky draw. Best of luck with the business. Thanks, J

  15. Hello, I am not a follower officially, but have been reading your blog for sometime now...I would love to get a chance to win the giveaway from your new store!

  16. Love the packaging and I'd be delighted to win!

    Such a pity the rain just kept coming for the Jubilee celebrations, but such a wonderful sight to see the Brits out in force to celebrate with the Queen.

  17. Such a shame that the weather was so poor however the concert has been great. The queen is a wonderful person so devoted to her country and a person who has never put a foot wrong. A lady who also loves to wear colours and has never given an interview which I think is amazing.

  18. Dear Lou
    I can understand you are proud to be British. You have so many reasons to be it! I am not British but I have seen the three documentaries shown on Danish Tv about your Queen and I loved it!
    I have already bought one of your lovely oils but please count me in as well. I would like to try that one. And thank you for your much kind and great idea of this giveaway. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, hug, Manuela

  19. I liked all the special, limited edition beauty items - there were so many, I am sure you have seen them. I'd love to try the oil, please, put my name in the hat.

  20. Oops-too late for the giveaway-never mind.
    Just happy to comment on your great blog.
    Totally agree with your comments about the weekend. It was just wonderful.
    Hope you have a lovely week.

  21. I know I am too late for the giveaway but this product looks amazing!! How much to ship to Chicago?

  22. Great blog!
    Amazing giveaway


    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com


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