A bittersweet taste...

posted on: Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday comes round and there is no let-up in the pace! A recuperative few days before hurling myself headlong into busyness. It's motherhood in its purest form at the moment; supporting their endeavours, soothing their worries, trying to be there. It's meant that other things have had to take a back-seat this week; but I will get back to them. Here's what's been on my mind...

My childrens' time coming to end at their present school; poignant moments.

Bikini purchasing, dreaming of summer days, toes in the sand.

Making friends with beauty industry experts.

Reading, reading, reading.

Listlessly waiting to be able to wear summer clothes.

Windswept walks around newly ploughed fields; summer crops of courgette and salad.

Thinking back, looking forward.

Circuit training; walking lunges and side planks.

Appreciating my multi-national, household name employer as they accomodate my whim to follow my dreams.

Loving the 'British Blend'...calming sage oil rocks.

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Thinking about how nothing stays the same, even though I rely on sameness.

Feeling lucky.

Having moments of wobble about various choices I've made; schools and jobs; mine and my children's vocations will change come September.

Chaperoning the school disco...much to Boo's indignity ;-)

Heavy-heartedness - but it's a good and necessary ache.

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  1. Oh how well I remember that move from one school to another, our children are normally ready for it, we as Mothers however take longer to adjust.
    So admire your business venture, you are brave and inspirational and you are teaching your children to have the courage to go for their dreams.

    The "wobbles" confirm that you care and want the best for yourself and your family. Stick with it girl, you are doing great.


  2. Much of the same things on my own mind. Even down to new bikinis and lunges! Those wobbles are a good sign - people that make decisions with such certainty make me nervous. There is always room for doubt and continued evaluation and the resulting reassurances. It is a season of change. Fall will be particularly exciting this year for both of us. I wish us both lots of time to dip our toes in the sand before we need to adjust to our new routines. Happy weekend and good luck at the disco!

  3. This is such a beautiful post and so true! Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy it while it lasts ;)

  4. Wishing your children success, happiness and new friendships in their new schools.

    Your workout sounds intense and obviously works, you are buying a bikini!!! bravo

    Helen xx


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