Things of beauty...and commitment issues...

posted on: Friday, 18 May 2012

Because I am always thinking of, I have started to sell little sized bottles of L'Apothecary facial oil...dinky, petite, baby, for those who want just to try it out. And P.S...we ship worldwide! It's OK; I understand about having commitment issues. Facial oil is's current...some people have issues. They don't feel inclined to put oil on their faces (or anywhere else on their body that may need some love and attention).

But - let me say just this: try it.

Not one person who has given me feedback (and I have had LOTS of feedback) has said ' you know what, it's just not for me...' Instead they are saying they love it, they are delighted they discovered it, it's made a difference after only a week. In short, it will rock your world. There, I've said it.

Can I just say an enormous love-covered thank you to those of you who've featured and reviewed L'Apothecary on your blogs. To Simone and Sophie, AmandaMary and Alison. It's meant so much to me and it's been fabulous to get such positive input from everyone's comments.

In the whirlwind that is my life at the moment; two jobs, packed school schedule, husband in a new job, I am coming up for air tonight, having dinner with a group of good friends. I predict Neil Diamond and fairy lights, accompanied by much wine and frivolity.

Here are some things of beauty...enjoy...and happy Friday!

via cape cod collegiate

michelle williams via fragments of the sun

via cape cod collegiate

olivia palermo in marie claire spain

Remember...simple is beautiful!
Click here to shop :-)

Here's to a wonderfully chilled out weekend with friends...


  1. Ooh, a wonderfully chilled out weekend with friends sounds perfect. You definitely deserve it! So glad the oils are a smashing success - I am a believer. It's wonderful! Happy weekend!

  2. Dear Lou.

    So glad to hear that your business is going well. I can't wait to order - my Anglophilia pulls me towards the Union Jack one:-)

    Thanks for your comment. Nothing to forgive!:-) I didn't mean to stress you. I'll be happy to translate in a week or in a year - whenever you get to it. No worries.

  3. Well you know that I cannot say enough good things about your facial oil....I've only used oil on my face during the summer hols at the beach and wouldn't have thought of using it day to day. But I absolutely love it, I can feel the difference in my skin already. I am totally converted!!

    Enjoy the week-end :) XX

  4. You are beautiful!
    Happy Weekend, LOVE Daniela

  5. I love the lovely pictures. happy weekend!

  6. Have a great weekend and best of success for your business!

  7. Dear Lou
    I have received my facial oil today and I have already tried it. It smells wonderfully and it feels great!!! Thank you so much! I greatly recomend it. Enjoy your evening with your friends and have a lovely weekend. Warm Spring hug, Manuela

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  9. I totally agree, simple is best and as for that weekend with friends...
    I'll toast to that too.
    Have a good one!
    Joasia x

  10. Since this is Sat night and I have read your tweets I know you had a fabulous night and it was well deserved!! Lovely images Lou ~ hard to pick a favorite tonight..... xo


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