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posted on: Friday, 25 May 2012

Bonjour Vendredi! The week has sailed by, full to the brim with life stuff, L'Apothecary stuff, home stuff. There is a whole lot of coaching going on in our house as Boo has a challenging thing coming up that is sapping every ounce of her self-assurance. So hard to stand by and watch her struggle. If I could fix it I would, but it's one of those things (which seem to come more and more as she matures) that I can't fix. So we soldier on. If she had even half of the self-confidence and disdain for worry that her father has, it would be a different story. My worry genes are strong in her though...ah well ;-)

The business continues to flourish and we hit new and exciting milestones each day. I currently have a new product in the range ready to be 'blind' tested for scent and function. This is the best part; actually working to develop new products where we choose the OPTIMUM and most SCRUMPTIOUS ingredients, all natural, all pure. I love that I can influence what I now put on my skin; the dream is that I never use anything that contains nasty chemicals again. You can join me if you like...over here at L'Apothecary!!

The puppy ate my best heels. I am still stunned and rueful at this; I loved the shoes, they had seen me through all sorts of events, big meetings, dinners out...ugh...just to tragic to dwell on! I also learned my first hard lesson of dog ownership. You love them, but they drive you crazy.

And's Friday, the sun is out...time to soak in this wonderful weather and get ready for a chilled weekend. The beach beckons...

...vintage gwyneth paltrow... this...via Mesa Dreams...

I wanted to share one of the beautiful collages from Cowparsley blog...that features one of our L'Apothecary products!!

via cannelle et vanille SO true!! If you don't like it, change it. I have a friend who did this just this week. Make the choice!

...summer loveliness from the sartorialist...

...beautiful, beautiful lauren hutton...

...hand-tied and natural...

Whatever you do, have a lovely, relaxing but productive weekend!


  1. ooh what a delight! Thank you so much for the lovely mention, it was a real thrill to chance upon that as I read through another one of your lovely posts. Your new product in the making sounds very exciting, I absolutely LOVE the facial oil and use it daily.

    Have a wonderful weekend Lou. xxx

  2. I'm so with you on the dog ownership 'lesson' - I had to laugh out loud. My Jack Russell, Byron' can drive me absolutely crazy with his antics , but I couldn't imagine life without him!
    Beautiful images as always. A pleasure to soak up the loveliness of these images. Now I'm off to soak up some sun!
    Have a great weekend yourself!
    Paula x

  3. I have one child who exudes confidence and one who finds theirs challenged a fair bit. I used to pray my kids would find happiness, a good job, the love of their life etc. Now I pray they will always find confidence. With that all other things will stem from that ie. the confidence to ask for a promotion, not be a push over with friends and say no to the wrong men or women in their lives.

    Glad the business is moving along. Sorry about your shoes. Dogs like good leather as much as we do. I hate to say it but we are off to Passe a Grille beach this weekend. I will post photos Lou.

  4. So great about your business..know what you mean about puppies :)
    happy weekend xxx

  5. Hi Lou - just popping by your place to see what you are up to and things look like they are busy - good for you! The treadmill of a new business from home is both exhilarating and exhausting so I hope you are taking some time out (advice I don't appear to take on myself too well - except for last week!). My 7 year old also seems to be having those self-assurance zapping issues as well - so hard to watch! Wishing you a lovely weekend. Hope the sun stays out! Leanne xx

  6. Beautiful pictures, happy thoughts, and thoughts of the beach. Perfect! Have a happy weekend!

  7. LOVELY,LOVELY post and beautiful pictures.
    All very inspiring, makes me want to CHANGE SOMETHING.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Joasia x

  8. Gorgeous pictures. They just capture summertime.

    I hope your weekend has been just what you wanted.


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