So, enough with the soul searching...

posted on: Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I look back sometimes on what I have written and see definite trends and patterns. I think, therefore I blog. I do acknowledge there has been a whole lot of soul searching and business-launching lately. In amongst that, there are lighter topics. This is what is on my mind in rare idle moments, combinations of comfort and aesthetics. It seems that what I crave the most is simplicity and comfort :-)

...cashmere blend soft tops from hush... from the garden...

...bare shoulders...when, oh when???

...comfort food...

...the most awesome my friend Sophie, i bought a copy here at her new etsy site...

...summer reading.. long enough to plait...

...old and new; the perfect juxtaposition..

...minimal and orderly...

...vanessa arbuthnott's new swedish collection...

Ahhhh...that's better ;-)


  1. Beautiful pictures as always. Love braids! Looking forward to translating:-)

  2. louuuuuu YOU.ARE.THE.BEST!!! thank you so much for the mention. I sent it off yesterday so will hopefully get to you unharmed by tomorrow or friday. hope you like it :)


  3. Mmm lovely Lou...great shot by your friend!

  4. Beautiful :) Wish I had enough hair to braid like that!!


  5. Everything beautiful as usual,
    love, daniela

  6. Hi Lou,
    I've enjoyed all of your posts.
    Those where you have worn your heart on your sleeve, and those where you have found fabulous images to share.
    Just keep on blogging!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  7. Definitely Ahhhhh! Lovely images and I agree with Liz - it's all good - the soul searching, the leap taking and the pretty stuff. All inspiring, heartening and encouraging for those of us who are still searching for our 'thing'!
    Paula x

  8. It does us all good to have some idle moments and to linger over a few beautiful images of fashion and home. Life definitely doesn't have to be deep and meaningful ALL of the time !! I think that mine is more idle than it is meaningful !!!!! haha. XXXX

  9. The soul-searching is always thought provoking Lou, and I so admire the leaps of faith. Remembering to enjoy the journey is of course, so important too. Simplicity and comfort so be it.
    Have so enjoyed catching up on all your posts, and congratulations on L'Apothecary. It both looks and sounds amazing, and so true to you. xx

  10. Dear Lou,
    One more lovely post!I totally agree with Liz and I love your "soul searching" posts. :-)
    Have a wonderfula and sunny weekend, M xx

  11. I really like this post. I also really like Hush. Once the wedding and house move are over I may check them out (and may have some money to visit your new store too)


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